Morristown, New Jersey – Drone Video Tour

Soar above historic Morristown, New Jersey with the DJI Phantom 3 drone. Featured sites include St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Frelinghuysen Arboretum, the Vail Mansion, Thomas Nast House, Acorn Hall, the Ford Mansion (George Washington’s winter headquarters), the Presbyterian Church, Headquarters Plaza, the Methodist Church, Macculloch Hall, and the Morristown Green. Filmed using the DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone. Morristown is the county seat of Morris County. Morristown has been called the military capital of the American Revolution because of its strategic role in the war for independence from Great Britain.

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  1. Renate Stratvert

    I find that the kind of music one chooses for a video is also real crucial for the popularity of it..

  2. Edward Aites

    I spent a week in Morristown and wished I could have seen more ( business trip…) so now I get to see it – thanks!

  3. Amit Makhijani

    Great video! Stupid question, I just bought a Phantom 3 Standard and live in Morristown. What is etiquette for filming like this? Did you ask when you were in some of the locations or just start filming? Did anyone really care?

  4. Adrienne Francis

    Hi Kevin, I sent you a message. I would like to talk to you about having you do others for different towns. 201 259-4449. Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. LRRVintage

    Thanks can easily show people Motown who have never been there

  6. Loly Lopez

    No vamos a descubrir la faceta histórica de la ciudad de Morris que se fraguó siglos atrás. La monumentalidad de su entorno lo evidencia. Se ha dicho que es un lugar para millonarios y nada barata por sus elevados impuestos. La conozco hace más de 40 años. La cercanía a la Gran Manzana y su tranquilidad es un valor añadido a pagar que a la postre compensa. Ciertamente es un lugar muy considerado y apreciado con lugares bellos bañados de historia que forma parte de la propia del país.

  7. Max

    I love this city!

  8. Drone Valley

    Great clip, I fly in Jersey all the time, mostly south. Keep posting and check out my channel when you get a chance, just subbed you.

  9. GaryMc

    Wow, glad I checked your video list – I missed this one. A nice slice of history in those beautiful buildings. What software do you use to compose your videos? The quality is fantastic.

  10. Sketchyhucks

    I live in Morris town and I think it is a little crowded and the parking is shit

  11. Edward Hubbard

    I've been to Morristown many times, and one time when I was driving around the city I counted all the churches I could find. And counted more than 20 of them, I know there are more but I didn't go that far.

  12. Jason K

    I love new jersey and it's great people

  13. Skyline129

    I travelled here with my wife a week ago,from New York City .It's a beautiful and comfortable place!Thank you for sharing.

  14. Applecompuser

    The footage is amazing but the sound sounds off which is a shame.

  15. 까만콩

    oh is it possible to take it at night? wow nice!! amazing!

  16. Lari Kipe

    I hope you do not let the leftist LIES OF DIVERSITY destroy your beautiful town.

  17. Thomas Lucia

    Thank you for sharing this! I've watched the video a while back, but found it again. I was born and raised in Morristown, but haven't been there in over 10 years. I returned to Munich in 2010 and haven't been able to visit my home town since. Seeing it again warms my heart and fills my thoughts with countless memories and that sense of "Home"…which I have not felt for decades…

  18. Today, I just wanted to see your first video and here I am watching this!

    You're Job is really great and I can see the Struggle of being a YouTuber. You started very far then you deserve what you did to quit Microsoft. You are an inspirational person to me as a small YouTuber.

    Your Channel is growing up very faster now days. Congratulations and be blessed 📌📌

  19. Yohan C Perera

    cant believe that u used a regular video editor to create this

  20. R K

    Here after you hit 500K. Congratulations!

  21. misterkuda

    A man just posted a video, works on Microsoft Office app then now is full-time youtuber.

  22. Vilma Christine

    Hi there, I just listened to your interview on the youtube creators podcast… Keep up the great work!

  23. SahimTech

    So this is how it all started! Keep up the great work Kevin!! I've also started a channel and I'm excited to see it blow up! Wish me good luck 🙂

  24. Fortune

    “Edit with movie maker yes I’m not lieing”

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