Mortal Kombat – Official 30th Anniversary Trailer

Celebrate 30 years of Mortal Kombat with this latest video taking a look back at the franchise’s cultural prominence across three decades of entertainment, from video games to movies, to animation. Check it out!

As part of the anniversary, Klassic Movie Raiden is coming to Mortal Kombat Mobile beginning October 7 through October 11, featuring actor Christopher Lambert’s character likeness and voice from the 1995 film.


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  1. naq willz

    No wonder why kombat pack 2 was on sale for mk11

  2. Lex Nel

    30 years later and still, NOT ONE movie we can all agree upon is worthy of the MK title. The most recent one started out decent then just went fully downhill.


  3. After seeing this they should call this 20 years instead since they're obviously ashamed of their 2000's games 😒

  4. Ace Outlaw

    What was the point if one through Trilogy wasn't remastered

  5. Brian Cronise

    With better planning, they would have either held the movie until the anniversary or pushed hard to have the next one ready

  6. Harry Davey

    Nothing quite hits like MK9 on 360. What a perfect game.

  7. Craig Colson

    Thx to Boon and Tobias to change my childhood of MK. GET OVER HERE!!!!

  8. Jarrett Huffin

    30 years of me being in the Lin Kuei pulling spines and freezing ppl to death!!!!!

    Y'all better show some love to the toughest AND bloodiest fighting franchise around!!!!!!

  9. Shaun Connick

    Still no remaster announced for the old games? Disappointing.

  10. Timothy Holland

    30 years of TOASTY and FLAWLESS VICTORY.

    Cheers Ed Boon and John Tobias!

  11. N M

    30th anniversay of MK? …better sell the product for 999 bucks…

  12. Sheepdog Smokey

    30 years, wow, it doesn't seem like it's been that long, but I've been playing since day one in the mall arcade and still love MK today.

  13. the_dozak

    If they would have ended the video with the game saying "Flawless Victory". That would have been the icing on the cake.

  14. stephen barrett

    Can we get a rerelease of 1,2 and 3 for Xbox? Just want to play the old ones…

  15. lost_fiction

    well now we need a dlc for MK11 with all the characters from the past games ;D

  16. Xerphina

    We should buff MK11 mileena for 30th 😻

  17. Mortal Kombat is a great form of content no matter if you like the games, toys, cartoons, movies, etc. Thanks Boon Boon

  18. Hassan

    What a trailer man. Fantastic

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