Most Powerful H96 Max V58 Full 4K Android TV Box – RK3588 – 8GB + 64GB – Any Good?

H96 Max V58 Full Android TV Box – RK3588 – 8GB + 64GB ✓ Geekbuying: ➡️ TV Box Ranking Chart …


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  1. kurt drexler

    I have been waiting for this box but will not purchase unless it gets status and navigation bar. If it does I will buy immediately

  2. Darrell

    Not worth the pennies stretched to far.

  3. Ahmed Elrased

    Why don't we see Android TVE licensed With good CPU and ram 4g. I think the problem is in Google

  4. The Papaw

    Hey Chigz, another great review, been looking at these boxes. Can you mount smb shares (NAS) with them like you can an nvidea shield?

  5. patrick cadette

    😁😁😁👍👍👍…to many cons for the price..loving the hardware but the software needs to be improved greatly..thanks chigz..great as usual…

  6. neil neilypops

    Great review! Hmm…too many negatives for me. Why do the specs say HLG support but it is disabled on the device?

  7. Its Mint

    Unless it's a certified Google tv, Android tv or amazon Device, these boxes are a waste of time and I wish they would just stop making them! Any chance you can review the Nokia 8010 Streaming box?

  8. JeanK

    Come on dude test more android games

  9. Aggelos Georgiou

    I have a sound bar and see movies from Kodi…so,this box play Atmos? It works?

  10. Ken Mcmaster

    Chigz Disney is the real thing I don't think your TV box shoud be DRM one's u buy your subscription you should watch your movies in HD that why Disney is the real thing

  11. haz 7961 A15 chip way more more powerful than this ..
    this box price shouldnt more than $100..
    apple A15 chip _Antutu score reach 780K

  12. Ivancho

    The RK3588 with Mali G610 combo is impressive. Other devices sporting it have been able to emulate the complete PS2 catalogue with ease. You are going to see this affordable chipset dominate the industry in 2023, which is terrific as the price will drop further. I am surprised to see 8GB of LPDDR4 though.
    Great hardware – software not really good enough.
    Stay cool man. 👍

  13. Jay Vasquez

    How can I download vulkon ps2 emulator on my box???

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