You are currently viewing Moto X Pure (Style) Review – The Best Valued Smartphone of 2015?

Moto X Pure (Style) Review – The Best Valued Smartphone of 2015?

My thoughts on the Moto X Pure (Style). One of my favorite phones of 2015. Enjoy!

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  1. Arul Mani

    Nice video ! This Moto X is one of the Best Value for Money device in 2015.

  2. Rishabh Kansal

    I love the recap thing he does for every product, he seems as such a nice genuine guy. SUBS CUZ I LOVED IT

  3. David D

    there isn't a game on Android that stresses the 808 even close. so don't worry about gaming on 808. asphalt 8 has been out since before the 800 series soc's.

  4. Reynaldo Roman

    Maybe you say this in further reviews that I haven't seen yet,but towards the end if you can mention what networks the phone is compatible on that may help someone who has interest in a device,other then that good job again with your review/work you've been producing.

  5. Hey,
    quick question: I've been looking into buying the moto x pure or the nextbit robin, which do you think is better?

  6. John Phillips

    "kinda feels the same when you put your finger in there" heheh

  7. Saurabh Medade

    stutter while playing asphalt 8 on a 400 dollar phone?
    So HD Games on android are only for the 700 dollar phones?
    what are devs doing idk 😬

  8. savnac Music

    "Quick Recap", god thats something I cant remember seeing any reviewers doing, and you did it.. and man it really wraps things up nicely. Awesome job, I am a new subscriber.

  9. Doubt It

    Wtf are you guys talking about? 142K subs is not a lot of subscribers?

  10. Minh Ho

    How is your experience with the Moto X Pure so far? Im on the fence between this one and Nexus 6p. Is the 6p worth the extra money?

  11. Chema Espinal

    i think its best to keep your apps in the phones internal memory if 16gb not enough then go with thew one with 64g and use your sd card for media

  12. Mel Hyde

    Would you buy the moto x pure or the htc 10

  13. George

    now it's $300! that's a steal

  14. Sunday Erhonmose

    Hate when when this phone is referred to as a midrange phone. This this phone is a steal for the amount.

  15. leoninc

    Excellent review! You sold me on this model.

  16. Gary Walsh

    David, I purchased one in March 2016. I like the phone but a red fuzzy dot has appeared on the screen 2/3rds down middle screen. Do you have any idea if this is a problem or just an inconvenience?

  17. George

    you made the best looking moto X pure I've ever seen btw.

  18. n

    Can you play Pokemon go on this phone?

  19. Commander Cat

    haha you say "if you're into night selfies" like it's a weird fetish. Great video anyway, subscribed 🙂

  20. N st.

    Casually murdering that plant.

  21. Ruchir Tondon

    Did you get almost 6 hrs of screen on time in 1 charge???

  22. Devi Shetty

    Watching it on my one plus 5. Miss those front firing speakers😐

  23. k5ak5a

    Hi Mr. Dave2D,
    Can you give a review on Motorola X4 2017?

  24. Somesh kelkar

    The sim tray is blocked with a plastic because the indian version og the moto x pure, which is called moto x style, is a dual sim device.

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