Moto Z Review – The Best Modular Phone!

Dave2D review of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force Droid modular phones from Motorola. Are these modular phones worth buying? Are MotoMods any good?

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Seagate Drive Thing –
Concrete Skins –

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  1. Ryu

    woah how did he do that phone animation design. …….

  2. Dukkiegamer

    The camara hump on the Moto Z is the same heigth as on the Moto Z so I think its to keep the Moto Mods in place a bit

  3. you should review more phones and laptop or any new gadgets out there because your review are very understandable and clean pls psl psl psl pslpspslspspslslsllspslslspslsls

  4. Yusuf Adam


    my nexus 6p cant even reach 3 hrs of screen time

  5. Guy Davis

    Great review Dave, lots of good information. The Moto Z force droid is the same price as my Pixel XL but with mods and wireless charging has some advantages to the Pixel! Nice phone.

  6. David Lata

    Did he say the moto z is water resistant because i dropped mine in the shower and my screen is black and occasionaly flashing the proper screen.

  7. P71

    Hands down best review I've watched!!!

  8. vaishnav

    Your review was good…i subscribed your channel

  9. Dogepocalypse

    Phone standards:

    Amoled display 1080p

    Ois camera

    USB c

    Fingerprint scanner

    Stock android

  10. Mercury Cougar

    Jestem użytkownikiem tego telefonu,i jestem bardzo zadowolony,z czystym sumieniem polecam każdemu. Zdziwicie się co to potrafi ;]

  11. huh yeah

    im getting phone soon and i dont know what to get
    help pls!

  12. F Dubovik

    =I think the Samsung's are better for the non=techie people

  13. Lasha Margiani

    After using this phone about one year, recommendation from a basic phone user: don't buy this trash. Just came here to post this. Fucking hate this phone. Really. Goodbye

  14. A.G

    Should I buy this or the LG g6?

  15. The question is why google doesn't make a final project for the project ara which is they experiment their modular phone. And this motorola make this modular phone? Wtf

  16. VictorNewman201

    This is the only review ive seen that identifies the heat problems compounded by the mod. My battery life got much worse after the android 7 & 8 updates, so i became dependent on my battery mod, but that seemed to make the battery even worse, i think because it sandwiches even more heat against the phone.

  17. SHAWN Shipstad

    I hope these are good I have 2 on the way. I was told mine were only 2 gig? I hope this can be upgraded.

  18. DiamondKasp

    Wait… My phone has a headphone jack… Even though it's the same phone???

  19. Fatih Kan

    Motorola always saves the day when you really need to attach with some product you need urgently. It's one of companies I like.

  20. Master Ed

    not much difference to my phone, apart from the module changing

  21. Master Ed

    weight can be good if your entire hand is a trigger hand basically with a good reaction time

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