MSI GE62 VR (GTX 1060) Review – A Powerful Gaming Laptop

Dave2D review of the 15″ MSI GE62 VR Apache Gaming Laptop with the powerful GTX 1060. Covering build quality, screen, hardware, battery life and gaming performance.
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  1. akaki202

    I own a gp62mvr 6rf leopard pro with a 3gb 1060, and I can say it's the cheapest feeling, overheating pos

  2. 3aluch sucks

    Is this good for ROBLOX I want to get my brother a laptop for Fortnite and roblox Cam some Answer ASAP?

  3. Zedrator

    if im gonna buy the version with the 8gb of ram call i upgrade it to 16gb? ty guys!!!

  4. Mizuxo

    the fact that there is only one windows key and its on the right side is quite difficult to get used to in my experience with this laptop, well the ge72, which is nearly identical.

  5. Anonymous 1

    Lol it is 980$ from the near markets with gtx 1060 (3gb)

  6. Anonymous 1

    Pleeease compare it with msi gp62 mvr pleeeeeeeeeeaaase.

  7. sG#

    just got a GL503, the touchpad sucks… and apparently it does with the laptop in this video… what laptops have the best trackpad? apart from macs

  8. Anecdote

    Dell g3 3579 and msi gv series

    Which is best one ?? Suggest me ?

  9. o0RAGA0o

    So after a 2 years of gaming i cant run the laptop on sport mode as it overheats badly, if you do some research you will find many people who own this laptop have the same issues and have to run the laptop in eco mode for gaming which sucks

  10. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP. I have had this model of laptop for a couple years now and the keyboard had some problems. The O key the 1 key and the equal sign key would not work correctly. After going through hours of software trouble shooting I decided that it had to be a hardware problem. So I ordered a new keyboard and it turns out that on this model, I'm not sure about others, MSI used melted plastic to keep the keyboard on. I used a Dremel to get the thing off but now I have zero way of attaching it back to the laptop case. Unless you can find a replacement top case or your not as unlucky as I was. DO NOT BUY THIS! I will update if I find a solution to my problem.

  11. Dedsec

    It's not have 8th gen I know msi gl63 8re is best for gaming

  12. o0RAGA0o

    Dave Lee please help me i have this laptop but can not get a extra monitor to work no matter wht i do )-=

  13. Gunpal Jain

    This is the shittiest laptop i have ever bought. It spent more time in service center than on my lap. Also, MSI service sucks, there's only one service center in delhi. It takes a month or so for each service. Today it completely died after just 2 years. Wasted $2000. I won't buy MSI product again.

  14. Top5

    Did you just say the thermals are good on this? I have owned many laptops and the ge62 is far and away the hottest. It actually got so hot that it melted my charge cable. Obviously this is an older review, but even day 1 this was a laptop that got throttled pretty easily and didn't manage heat well

  15. Pequod Express

    I need to replace my MSI MS-16GD, for which I have eight AC power supplies (19.5V 4A 5.5mmx2.5mm) for four different rooms at home and four offices at work. I need to buy a new MSI laptop that can use these power supplies, as I don't want to have to buy eight new ones.

    Can the MSI GE62 VR use these power supplies?

  16. ever never

    i have 95degress in cpu in 2020
    we same with mine

  17. Rowhan

    Hey, I have an MSI GE72VR 6RF Apache Pro. Very nice laptop but i can't get any decent fps in The Witcher3 / GTA5 / Cyberpunk 2077 on lowest settings…

  18. memecore

    Had this for 5 years and now I'm getting a G15 🙏

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