MSI GS65 Review

My review the MSI GS65 Stealth gaming laptop with the new generation of 6 core CPUs. The best gaming laptop from MSI I’ve used.
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Gaming laptops are about to get much faster with the latest introduction of 6 cores and one of the products leading the way is the MSI GS65 Stealth. MSI manages to keep this laptop pretty light at 4.14 pounds and 17.53mm thin. Even with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with Max-Q design. The RGB lit keyboard and a glass-coated touchpad are a nice touch. Gaming looks great with the 15.6 inch running at 144Hz with a 7ms response time.

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  1. Dave2D

    Really like this one. I hope this black and gold color scheme spreads to more of their lineup. Thanks for watching!

  2. RedWolf

    I have one of these that I bought or 300$, someone had sat on it. Screen was not broken, I fixed it up and now it works great.

  3. rath khan

    awesome video Dave. IS it still worth it to buy now in 2020. let me know

  4. Thehan liyanage

    anyone going to point the fact that he was playing binging with babish on the screen

  5. Which ram in laptop is better 16 gb ddr4 (2666 mhz) or 8 gb ddr4(3666 mhz or so)?????

  6. Thank for this very nice review😊.

    Is this laptop is also good for 3d rendering and video editing??


  7. Mathieu

    6verry nice reviwe , also i subscribe , Did you test the MSI Stealth 15 M

  8. SH

    How much is it

  9. raed _ksa

    Why didn’t u say that its speaker sound like utter shit? U made me lose shit amount of money and face (I begged my parents for months) to get a laptop that I can’t use because how bad it sounds. Just so u know that shitty ass laptop sounds even worse with headphones ( I tried em all from airbuds to sony’s headphones). It just sounds like the cheapest crappiest wire headphones ever. Please be careful since people depend on u to buy stuff.

  10. Mike Jo

    Hello Dave great job on your channel. The money is saved, time to buy now. What's your recommendation for gaming laptop between a Lenovo legion 5 or msi gp65 at rebate 1450$ ? Tks for any advice. Take care

  11. Finally after 2 years again I am seeing this review but in my Msi GS65😊 Thank you Dave❤

  12. prisca

    What is the purpose of the grill in front of the computer?

  13. Dumitru Dascal

    Do not recommend as a daily laptop. It works fine for a year then the "fan" issues. More precisely start to make noise and stop working. This issue is very common

  14. NikoDrums MG

    I currently have a Lenovo y530 (i5, 8gb, 1tb hdd, 1050 gtx), and I want to sell it and go for this msi. Or is there a better option for a similar price ?


    Is this laptop good for video editing/rendering ?

  16. Jmitch

    Would suggest this model or the MSI GF65 Thin 9SD? I can get both very cheap, just don’t know which is better… I won’t be using it for gaming jus work.


  17. Erika Mckee

    hi dave, is this still worth the money for 2021? thanks. more power!

  18. Badboy

    Can anyone send me money to buy one?

  19. Cheshire Hem

    me: already has the laptop
    also me: hmm what if i watch a review on it

  20. I have the next generation of this laptop (the stealth series) and used it for a year. it's absolutely terrible, here's why :
    – want to install more ram? good luck, you need to remove the motherboard for that.
    – want to clean a fan? remove the motherboard.
    – touchpad buttons are terrible : they're flex-actuated and they sometimes trigger from slight flex of this entire laptop if it's sitting on your lap
    – you can also trigger the touchpad buttons by flexing the laptop slightly at pretty much any point of its body around the keyboard. very "convenient" while typing.
    – builtin cooling profile is terrible : you either run your coolers in turbo mode all the time (expect ~1 month lifespan this way) or if you're running balanced mode, then it overheats faster than the fans start spinning
    – the only software that allows temp curve controls on this one is msi dragon center and that might be actually the most broken piece of garbage bloatware i've ever seen: its newer versions crash constantly, add more and more bugged features i'll never use and sometimes it just hangs up, forgets to control your fans entirely until it overheats. the best part? there's no alternative.

  21. Brandon Suhargo

    Have had this one for over a year…great laptop, but lots of problems with fans failing => just do a reddit search and you'll see.

  22. Max Dutton

    Someone wants to sell me this laptop for $850 my question to anyone who reads this is… it worth it or is there a better alternative for the money?

  23. TechnicalNuke

    Does the Laptop has a touch screen on one website they say yes but everywhere elso no help?

  24. 0ddM0nk3y

    This is my first gaming laptop and I love it. Only 3 problems: one, the lid is curved from the right side, 2 mines has Ethernet issues. It won’t connect to a wired cord. I have to turn off my PC, connect the cord, then turn it on for wired gaming (my home WiFi is trash), which is insanely annoying. And 3, this thing gets insanely hot.

    Other than that, solid laptop.

  25. Folatech

    imagine am from the future and getting this system

  26. GoTime

    Mine fell apart. Terrible durability.

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