MSI GS77 (2022) Review – A Budget Razer Blade?

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MSI’s GS77 is a thinner stealthy all black gaming laptop, kind of like a cheaper Razer Blade, so should you save some money and buy it, or is it worth spending more for Razer?

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MSI Stealth GS77 (2022) Review Timestamps:
0:00 Intro
0:12 Laptop Specs
0:32 Build Quality & Design
1:53 Size & Weight
2:11 MUX Switch?
2:29 Screen
4:21 Camera & Microphones
4:40 Keyboard
5:36 Speakers & Latencymon
6:19 Touchpad & Fingerprint Scanner
6:54 Ports
8:27 Getting Inside & Problems
9:02 Internals
9:29 Wi-Fi
9:42 Upgradeability
10:05 Battery Power Saving Features
11:16 Battery Life
11:39 Thermals & Software Modes
12:29 Temperatures / Clock Speed / TDP
14:49 CPU Performance (On & Off Battery)
16:05 Keyboard Temperatures
16:38 Fan Noise
17:18 3 Game Comparison (1080p & 1440p)
20:03 3DMark & Content Creation
21:01 SSD & SD Card Speed
21:17 BIOS
21:35 Linux Support
21:59 Pricing & Availability
22:38 Conclusion – GS77 Worth It?
24:26 4K Gaming?

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  1. hoven 1069

    To all:
    I have an offtopic question. Is there any Nvidia feature as reaction to AMD Smartshift? If so, how is it called?

  2. Pralaya Basnet

    @jarrod please asus tuf F15 2022 (i7 12700h 3060 140W 300hz ) need your review brother…

  3. Pralaya Basnet

    Asus tuf a15 2022 or asus tuf f15 2022 which better for gaming?

  4. Thanks for review Jarod can't wait for GE77HX!! In my country i was told it will be available late August, so i got myself a razer blade 17 qhd 240hz panel/g-sync with rtx 3070ti.

  5. Daniel Barakat

    No mux switch makes this a deal breaker for me man. Only reason I haven't tested this out yet

  6. Luka Nogalo

    MSI GS77 is not cheaper than Razer in Germany 🤣
    MSI GS77 (3080ti) is 5100€ vs Razer 17 (3080ti) is 4400-4700€

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