MSI PE60 (2015) Review – Is it a Good Gaming Laptop?

My thoughts on the the MSI PE60. Is it good for gaming? Enjoy!
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  1. Laura

    You're amazing and your voice is so soothing! Thanks for the review/advice. You've convinced me, hehe. 🙂

  2. GD Byztanium

    can u do the MSI GE40 2OL or the MSI GP62 2QD Thanks.

  3. Izhar Fikri

    which one better for engineering drawing and just playing game call of duty and fifa only…

    pe60 msi or y520 legion lenovo?

  4. ah Kin

    Your voice is so calming. It could be used for meditation, hahah. I like all your videos.

  5. LK Se7eNth

    Mine PE72 7rd ( i7-7700HQ, 17.3”, GTX 1050 2G, 1TB HDD SSD236G M.2 Pcie, 16G DDR4, no dvd drive ) 1200$

  6. Diego Dibot

    Please analyze the Msi Ps42. I want to know your opinion about this laptop. Thank you


    this thing (with the gt 1050 ti ) is more expensive than a strix scar II with a gtx 1070 here in switzerland, why would anyone buy it? please explain

  8. Jet Vi Gaming TV

    Im using this laptop which i bought last Dec 2016. I really like it overall, but i wanted to change my laptop now that it's 2020 and use this as a guinea pig for learning how to change hard drives in laptop. Wish me luck! May i ask, do you have any laptop to suggest for some somebody who love pe60 so much? 2020 prestige is so pricey today so i cant put it on my list

  9. Akshay Indurkar

    I purchased this laptop in 2016 and at that time, it was a killer for me. Now in 2021 I am planning to upgrade and the nostalgia is hitting pretty hard. You served me well.

  10. DeltaFox

    This video convinced me to buy my first gaming PC, and it's one I've held on to over the last 6 years. I opened it up for the first time in years after replacing it in 2017, and it's amazing at how well it still performs.

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