MSI Raider GE68 HX (2023) Review – Worth Buying?

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  1. Cultz

    The problem is that it is MSI

  2. GypsyDanger

    Jarod can you pleas do one for the new alienware m16

  3. Luuk

    Hey Jarrod, will you review the samsung galaxy book 3 (ultra) soon? I'm looking forward to it!

  4. Zac The Gamer

    These new MSI laptops are super expensive. This with 4090 goes for nearly $8000 AUD.

  5. Owen Porter

    I actually owned the GE78HX for all but a few days. Basically the bigger brother of this laptop.
    Initial impressions were not great, the box it comes in is super basic compared to similar priced Asus models, but whatever.
    The backlight bleed was instantly noticeable the second you turned the laptop on. Bottom right corner was glowing brighter than the rest. (many other reviewers had this issue)
    And the screen included just seemed to have huge sync issues to the point every game had frametime issues but fps was fine. (no g-sync either so can't test if this would fix it)
    MSI software/firmware is totally broken, the MSI centre feels extremely laggy and takes several seconds to respond to input, putting the laptop in anything over "Silent" mode caused performance to DROP.
    Also the laptop would just generally freeze and lock up during regular use. The 4080 in it felt like a minor upgrade over the 2060 in my Lenovo.
    Returned and cannot recommend MSI laptops to anyone.

  6. Pierre M

    i don't want my laptop to look like a spaceship 😭

  7. Ryne Landers

    Haha, those arrow keys look like they were lifted from a DDR home dance mat

  8. Mothi Chandar

    Here in India we getting 3070ti 150w laptops for the price of 4060 laptops. Apart from newer gen cpus, almost all things remain same. So shud i go with 4060 or 3070ti?

  9. Howard Hoddick

    Jarrod (or anyone that can help). It's mentioned in this video there's no G-sync, but "adaptive sync" can be used when Optimus is on. What type of adaptive sync is that?

  10. Karan Sandhu

    Should I buy asus rog strix g16
    Rtx4060 1tb 32 ram 244hz for 2500 cad or should I go for something else can anyone help me


    So all the same, please tell me there is a g-sync or not ??? in the Specifications on the site it is written that it is, but only for an external monitor! Please clarify, this is important

  12. Sid

    Would be a beast though if you connected a 4090 eGPU on top of that beast of a processor.

  13. Nemo

    No plans on a 5800x3d in 2023 vs 5900x benchmark?please

  14. colin lee

    Please check if there is dsr option in the Nvidia control panel. It seems that laptops equipped with 40 series graphics cards do not have dsr option.

  15. "Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value." *Albert Einstein

  16. Noone 13

    Is there test of i9 13980hx vs i7 13650hx in laptop with same GPU?

  17. rusik2293

    Слишком дорого за такое железо и жидкий металл тут скорее минус чем плюс потому что с им легко угробить ноутбук при разборке системы охлаждения

  18. Horned n' Hooved

    Jarrod you forgot to check if the other m.2 slot can support double sided SSDs!

  19. Mahdi Moallemian

    pls review rog flow x16 2023❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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