MSI Vortex – The Ultimate Mac Pro for VR Gaming!

Dave2D review of the MSI Vortex G65 looking at thermals, fan noise and gaming performance. Is this $4000 cylinder good for gamers? Can it power the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive?
Purchase GTX980 here –
Purcahse GTX960 here –

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Intro: Tyler Touché – Act Of God ft. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)
Background: FILI – The Break

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  1. B A T 1 S T A

    This guy isn't just a genius when it comes to everything tech, he's a quality genius. God bless him for putting these videos out and having them pop on my recommended videos, subscribed.

  2. George Lien


    How do you make the inside of your Mac Pro blue ?


    George Lien

  3. Barry

    Thumbs down for saying "daily driver"

  4. Ronnie

    The mac pro looks more like a garbage bin.

  5. jp

    75*C is respectable?

    Geez i start sweating then it reaches 60*C

  6. Alex Shi

    mac pro is dumb af the design comes way back from the 70s when cray made supercomputers that were cylindrical. With that kind of money you can build a 256 core raspberry pi distributed system including costs for other equipment. imagine all the shit you could run on that. Easily turns into a scientific computing cluster, server, or distributed software tester.

  7. Ethan

    I'm uncomfortable spending my 7.50 an hour paycheck on anything more expensive than cup noodles

  8. denns0r

    i know it's an old video but …. dancase a4 > 7.2litres!!

  9. LoL XD

    I dont think mac pro is overpriced
    :/ its been 4 years old
    A $3000 config will include you a 12 gb of ddr3l
    3,1ghz quadcore xeon e5 2697 v2
    Dual fire pro d300 2gb of gddr5
    And a 256gb of ssd
    Thats decent
    Infact u could upgrade your own mac pro
    But u cant upgrade the graphics card
    Since they strange as hell

  10. J Belle

    I prefer the tiny PC which have the most power performance. So the vertex totally my favorite

  11. Freedom 63


    What you think get the Mac Pro with 6 – Core and the D500 graphic for 2499€ is new on Discount for 2 days.

    or get the new iMac 27, with an i7 – 4,2ghz, Readeon 580 and 512ssd for 2799€.

    I hope u response me. 🙂

    Thnak you a lot. 👍

    Best regards

  12. Antonio Gonzalez

    puedo usarla para ediciones de video y fotografías?
    Can I use it for video editions and photographs? Thank you

  13. Mr. Satyre

    Very cool, but I prefer the design and guts of the Corsair One.

  14. varun upadhyaya

    Probably the most pathetic compact pc , not to forget overpriced too.
    4000$ for 980 sli , I mean come on !!!!!

  15. Xi Le

    I hope Apple will come up next generation Mac Pro with many many many cores CPUs & up to 3 TB RAM to beat the latest 2017 HP's Z8 G4 with max out 56-cores duo-CPUs & 3 TB RAM in single towel workstation:

  16. Gerald Prost

    Thanks for doing this. I has seen one of these and I was curious.

  17. Philson

    Skyreach S4 Mini is now available to match the size.

  18. CyberSamuraiX

    Curious what the benefits are of cylindrical cases over regular square ones, if any? Except for aesthetics, which is subjective.

  19. Its Ehhd

    I just don’t get why everything has to look like an Alienware.

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