My 2023 Favorite Road and Trail Shoe Rotation!

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Shoes in This Video
Altra Vanish Carbon:
Altra Mont Blanc:
Hoka Mach X:
Hoka Rocket X2:
Hoka Mafate Speed 4:

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00:00 – Intro
01:14 – Sponsor Segment
03:22 – Altra Vanish Carbon
06:09 – Hoka Mach X
08:41 – Hoka Rocket X2
09:16 – Hoka Mafate Speed 4
12:36 – Altra Mont Blanc


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  1. Altra, or more precisely the Timp model, has recently disappointed me with its very poor durability. both the upper and the sole fell apart prematurely. this prompted me to experiment with the Swedish brand Craft. Better known for trail running and cross-country skiing clothing. But they also make shoes. and these shoes are fantastic. I recommend it if you ever have the opportunity to try these shoes.

  2. Jan wicher

    I have wide feet and normal wear 4e shoes and it basically remove all choice – it sucks that no one makes wide shoes that look good. Usually only black or some pale colour

  3. Nice review 👍 I think the ALTRA (for a Trail shoe)are not very protective in the front part of the shoe 😮Since you have international followers please can you also mention international characteristics such as weight, size etc 😎 I also would like to see a review of the HOKA Speedgoat 😏

  4. Jesus Hernandez

    Seeing your sensible shoe rotation, makes me think I got too much shoes 😅

  5. Anthony Rampino

    I like the Hoka speedgoat 5. I like that Boa idea. Since you like Hokas, are you familiar with the speedgoat? If so, how do you think it compares to the one with the Boa system?

  6. Rob Rosenthal

    What are your options on the Hoka Clifton 9 or Speed Goat 5? Those are my current shoes.

  7. Unfortunately. Altra does not only sell zero drop. They released a 4mm drop shoe recently. The rep told me 'but we still make all these zero drop shoes' when I expressed my concern the brand would lose its way.
    I left politely, thinking of the many runners who want a proper low profile altra again (just as part of the line up!). The original lone peak was like 17mm stack (or something) the current is 25….

  8. I have the Hoka Rockets as my ''fast training'' and race shoes, and use the Cliftons as my chill daily driver, fantastic shoes, love Hoka shoes in general. I will get a Mafate since you recommend them

  9. Kevin Hoarau

    @ChaseTheSummit to answer your question, "Mafate" is a caldera located on Réunion Island, a French Island in the Indian Ocean, and also famous for it's "diagonale des fous" ultra-trail. Mafate is also the name of the maroon slave leader who discovered this remote and hardly accessible place.

  10. Elmar van

    Finally we see the Mont Blanc Boa in a detailed video! I love the Boa system to tighten it super tightly to my feet for those technical trails down. So 0 slipping around in the shoe. I also think the shoe is probably completely worn down before the Boa system breaks.

  11. Erens-Basement

    Better having dirty shoes than clean shoes. Harder trusting a reviewer who doesn't beat up their shoes

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