My Android Won't Connect To Bluetooth. Here's The Fix!

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David & David explain how to #fix the problem when your #Android won’t connect to Bluetooth, and help you determine if it’s your Android or your #Bluetooth device that’s causing the issue.

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1. Intro [0:00]
2. Check Media Output [0:08]
3. Turn Bluetooth Off & Back On [0:42]
4. Make Sure Your Devices Are Close By [1:00]
5. Put Your Bluetooth Device In Pairing Mode [1:30]
6. Restart Your Android & Bluetooth Device [3:08]
7. Update Your Android [3:44]
8. Forget Your Device & Set It Up As New [4:14]
9. Reset Network Settings [5:01]
10. Reset Your Bluetooth Device [5:32]
11. Repair Options [6:26]

The first thing to do when your Android won’t connect to Bluetooth is to check your media output source. It’s possible your devices are paired, but the audio you’re trying to listen to is playing somewhere else.

Then, make sure your devices are in range of each other, and that your Bluetooth device is in pairing mode. Toggling Bluetooth off and back on, restarting your Android, and restarting your Bluetooth device can all fix minor software issues. It’s also a good idea to make sure your Android operating system is up to date.

To address a deeper software problem, try forgetting your Bluetooth device on your Android and setting it up like new. When you pair a Bluetooth device to your Android for the first time, it saves information about how to pair to that Bluetooth device. If some part of that process changes — which can happen with software and firmware updates — it could prevent your Bluetooth device and Android from pairing.

If your Android still won’t connect to Bluetooth, try reseting your Bluetooth device and reseting the network settings on your Android.

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. rusty ridenour

    Hey guys I downloaded iPhone new update and now I don’t have face recognition what’s up?

  2. Ken Nixox

    Hopefully you will do one with iPhones and CarPlay. With a late model Audi, sometimes it works and most times it takes a few tries, like turning the car off, opening the drivers door, closing it turning the car back on and from time to time, restarting the phone. Then it just works and then stops working. This is wireless CarPlay I might add. Hate it!

  3. viazel279

    If you are using Bluetooth, can other devices connect (not your personal device) and listen to your background or calls? Should you turn of Bluetooth when not using it (my watch has it's own e-sim number)? You mention that the samsung tag has a range of 300ft vs 30ft!
    Thank you!


    I have a radio that my AirPods Pro connect to just fine but the volume is so low I can barely hear it with volume all the way up. They work fine on all my apple products. All of my non apple bluetooth buds and speakers are fine and work great. What's up with that? I have tried all of your tips

  5. Witness101

    Name an Android that requires you to press 2 buttons to restart please – I've never heard of that.

  6. MKR

    Can you plz give a review on iPad os 16.5 .Should I update it?is it stable?

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