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My Dream Setups!

These are some of the best setups and monitors I’ve played with in 2017.

Kanto Speakers –
White Keyboard – (modded)
LG 38″ Ultrawide –
Zotac Box –
Razer Blade Pro –

Music Credits:
Background: Fili – Differences

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  1. Dave2D

    Hey 2d fam. I thought I’d make a random video on some cool setups I got to use. Thanks for watching!

  2. Maruf Hossain

    Hello I want advice I want to buy a PC to edit video I want to make a 7-minute video edit which pc you recommend ..(?)

  3. Rofiq El

    Dave, what do you do outside of YouTube? Just wondering 🙂


    I lost it when he got close to the screen with his face

  5. Tharun_Chandran

    Shall I buy razor blade 15 or XPs 15
    For my gaming and editing which one is good

  6. DynaSean

    "Tbh, I'm not part of this demographic…"
    – Shows 5K camera

  7. Red Simbiont

    То чувство, когда живешь в России, а твоя мечта – это просто большие окна и красивый вид из них, как в этом видео.

  8. George Dicu

    for that money, I would buy extreme small itx case(cooler master 110) and build the system my self.
    with the money left I could build a 2nd one!

  9. A man

    Dose anyone realize he also uses a hackintosh PC in the back of his videos

  10. Darth Nox

    a lot of people don't know zotac started off by making mini computers.

  11. Faheem Syed

    Dave 2D : white and Blue Theme
    Mkbhd With Red and Black Theme: am I Joke to You

  12. Paul M

    The Razor laptop setup was my favorite. I just like laptops. 😊

  13. Ken

    Woah I'm from Toronto and that's a pretty awesome intersection to be at, the view also is amazing

  14. Paul M

    I like the first setup the best with the Razor laptop.
    If I'm choosing out of the three, the Razor has my vote.

  15. Green Galic

    Dave needs to meet with tech source To make the cleanest set up ever

  16. Ajay

    I want more videos on nuc and mini PC's and mini workstations

  17. Rhyex

    btw the title in spanish is bad written. It says "Mi set up den sueño" and should say "Mi setup de ensueño"

  18. Bob

    Omg laptops 3 years a go look horrible

  19. Kevin Paterson

    Watching this 4 years later, astonished how much technology has evolved.

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