My Favorite Backpacks for Tech

These are the best backpacks for students, college, work and travel. A Backpack for laptops, tech and gear. Get a Herschel pack that looks good!
Octopus –
Battery –

Parker –
Settlement –
Heritage –
Pop Quiz –
Mammoth –
Messenger –

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  1. Dave2D

    I care about how my pack looks. You should too =) Thanks for watching!

  2. Tommy Lin

    Hey David being someone who has had his hand on a bunch of laptop backpacks and the New Alienware M17. can you recommend me a laptop backpack that fits that laptop? I have an issue finding one the alienware legend design makes the width slight wider at 11.59" instead of the more common 10.5 inch. Thanks for your help.

  3. saran pun

    But your watch caught my eye. Would you please tell me the brand and the model of it?

  4. grego Kats

    All backpacks from the same brand….
    Cammon Dave you can do it better…

  5. Will RunRun

    Hi, is it possible to help to make the review for this waterproof gaming backpack , how can I be in touch with you?

  6. Skubee Raw

    meh. I spent a little more on a nice Tumi brief so I don't walk around work looking like a school boy with a back pack.

  7. Haziq Baseri

    Hi , which size is more suitable if u want to use the bags for schools and travel to city? 14.5 or 21.5? Is the 21.5 is too big?

  8. Ansu Kumari

    2:35 "I use these OCTOPUS looking cabels" 😂😂
    I thought the brand name was octopus 😂

  9. Herbert Harrison

    Would any of these backpacks be able to fit Apple's new 16" macbook by any chance?

  10. Abc David

    but I cant find the heritage😢 it is not the same…

  11. Jessi Ca

    You showed the wrong backpack at 2:49, that's not the settlement backpack that's the parker backpack!

  12. Ariel Vargas

    5.11 Rush 12 is the best backpack for the long run, if you are college student, you are going to be grateful having the ergonomics of battle tested backpack

  13. R Vishal

    I like the heritage backpack but I can't find the exact model

  14. Deepak Malhotra

    Great post. So true about the stuff you said about tech backpacks. Love your channel

  15. Salman Maarouf

    i found this BMW M sport backpack and its pretty sick i cant lie, check the link, @t

  16. Mr Kx

    Hella overrated fashion bags.

  17. Vergin Mansour

    @Dave2D i love ur reviews and watched tons of yr vids .. thanks for all u do.. i need ur recommendation on a good backpack for 2 laptop setup .. asus g15 and macbook pro 2020

  18. JKC

    Sorry, these pack backs will not hold up. For the price ($150-$200) you could get into Evergoods, or Recycled Fire Fighter packs which are very well made.

  19. Uttam Chouhan

    Will u send me this pop quiz backpack 💗 I need this ……….

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