My Laptop Setup #1 – Dave2D

To Submit Your Stuff:

1 – Take a top down knolling photo of all your gear. Lay everything straight. Get up high. Take a photo horizontally.
2 – Take a few photos(3+) or a video of each item in your setup. Take the photos horizontally.
3 – Go to, add your files
4 – Show me something you’ve done with your laptop. Gameplay, portfolio/website/soundcloud/Twitch etc.
5 – Type out your name and make a list of all the items that are in your setup.
6 – Send this via wetransfer to:

Example –

Links to my loadout
Jack Spade Bag –
XPS 15 –
Mousepad –
Mouse –
Samsung SSD –
Earbuds –

Music Credits:
Intro: Tyler Touché – Act Of God ft. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili – Smooth Rides

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  1. Shreyas Das

    I am a pro gamer
    I used to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty World At War.
    My laptop is HP ProBook 450 G4 with Intel Core i7 7th gen and Nvidia 930 MX 2GB graphics card. This laptop comes with 8GB of Ram and 1TB of HDD memory you can also insert a SSD it has a full HD screen and backlit keyboard it has also a HD webcam.

  2. 3000 and 3

    This guy give such a calm feeling. I felt like I just did yoga after listening to him

  3. Sahil Sonar

    Thanks Dave you are great, I of my best subscribed channel which as unbaised or unpaid review so I can only trust on you when it comes to review thanks a lot 😊

  4. Crown Of Fyre

    Hey Dave I know this is an old video but are you continuing this series still, I loved this one and I’m still working on my laptop finishes for a set up I use for 3D design, rendering, gaming, and editing and I really thought it would be a awesome idea to see if this serie was still going before I just decided to send an email randomly at you

  5. Solo Lay

    Can you do this video on Dell XPS 13 9370? Especially without the USB-A, video like this will be useful.

  6. Matao Dreskin

    So curious what your loadout is now! This was 2+ years ago!

  7. Anmol Shah

    Dave, pls help with replacment for Magsafe for MacBook 2018!!!

  8. Teaby


    Dave:300 bucks for a bag
    Me:200 for a laptop

  9. Arch

    My set up
    A lenovo laptop a dell inspiron laptop cover as a mouse pad (im broke asf) and a mouse

  10. Hi Dave, congratulations on the video, very good.

    Is there any other mouse pad with these razer kabuto features?

  11. Epico

    is it to late to compete?
    or can i just send you it for fun.

  12. Paul M

    Nice video, as always.
    If I were to change a few things in yiur setup this is what I would do:
    Mobile Android Smartphone: Google Pixel
    Mouse: Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed
    SSD: Seagate Fast SSD

  13. Urabah

    Which is the best laptop for programming

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