My Laptop Setup #2 – Photographers!

Episode 2 of “My Laptop Setup” – Photography Edition!
Paul’s Stuff:
Rugged Lacie Drive –
Razer Mouse –
Razer Keypad –
Drawing Tablet –
Incase Sleeve –
Nifty 50 –
Sigma Zoom –
Canon Zoom –

JaggersPadda’s Stuff:
Mountie Clip –
WD Passport –
Dell Monitor –
Sony Cam –
Metabones –
Canon 85 –
Sigma 50 –

Sydney’s Stuff:
WD Passport –
Pencil 53 –
GorillaPod –
Earphones –
Battery –
DXO One –

To Submit Your Stuff:

Follow these instructions:

1 – Take a top down knolling photo of all your gear. Lay everything straight. Get up high. Take a photo horizontally.
2 – Take a few photos(3+) or a video of each item in your setup. Take the photos horizontally.
3 – Go to, add your files
4 – Show me something you’ve done with your laptop. Gameplay, portfolio/website/soundcloud/Twitch etc.
5 – Type out your name and make a list of all the items that are in your setup.
6 – Send this via wetransfer to:

Example –

Music Credits:
Intro: Tyler Touché – Act Of God ft. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili – Tribe Calle dMEss

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  1. Tomas Cesalek

    I love the Jaggerspadd's setup. Anybody knows how he mirrors the Photoshop modules on that iPad? Thanks:)

  2. siddhant raizada

    Please suggest me a good laptop for heavy photo and video editing under 1200$ !
    Thank you 🙂

  3. asunax aaa

    Obviously, he choose the good and 198318319038910312 pounds stuff.

  4. Rishav

    laptop setup for academicians please


    suggested me a laptop to handle 3DS Max and heavy rendering.

  6. Steph w

    dave man can you ask these guys whyyyyy all the macbooks for photographers i have noticed my fellow photogeeks all seem to have gone for the fruit….and i wonder what am i missin? just dont understand why the mac os has become so dominant….i am on a very old setup and wanna upgrade….soooo not into new macbook pro specs and keyboard and just underwhelmed….rather go razer or dell

  7. Smit Patel

    Please make video on COMPUTER PROGRAMMER laptops.
    Reply as soon as possible.

  8. Capo

    Does anybody know what software was used at 1:53 to use photoshop on iPad as second screen?

  9. Miguel Silva

    Any laptop recommendations for a photographer which aren't MacBooks??? I'd really appreciate it

  10. Surya

    i'd love to see more of these setup videos they're so cool! i love the idea, it gives your channel more soul than most other tech channels . I've been a subscriber for a few months now and i haven't seen any setup videos apart from these ones from about a year ago . please bring them back?

  11. Kay

    Now that I found this playlist of videos… I must say, I love this vibe a lot more! Talking about other content creators, what they do, and their setups is awesome! Don't get me wrong, I love all of your other videos, but this is nice. 👌

  12. RiceCube Tech

    I like to do photography as well and I legitmately want to question how slow their workflow is running the older chips in the 2013 macbooks. My 7700hq and 1050 in my XPS is great for lightroom and photoshop, but still soemtimes run into slowdowns when using a lot of brush strokes. And those applications are actually better optimized on windows products now so I know it isn't an optimization problem.

  13. Sham Shahar

    hurmm.. all apple fanboy list. Why all the photographer you pick use macbook?

  14. GBC

    Can you continue this series?

  15. Kyle Wong

    I know I'm finding these videos a bit late, but I would love to see updated videos for 2018! 🙂 love the videos, keep em coming! 🙂

  16. Johnny Dennis

    I love this series! You should bring it back and do a weekly thing or something.

  17. chao yang

    2’11”, what is the keyboard brands? Anyone know it?

  18. QeXDee

    I liked the last person , even though she dosent have a dslr camera but she still make due of what she has with custom lenses for her iPhone , Great job!

  19. QeXDee

    I'm a photographer but I use the Razer Blade instead of the MacBook

  20. AhmedSusu

    Why you're not making those setup videos anymore?

  21. Hello. Does anyone know how to find the digital illustration of the Toronto skyline at 3:24. It's amazing! Thank you very much!

  22. feebleh!

    Aw i wish this series comes back 🙁

  23. sTEADYONE67

    How about a episode set up for video editors and graphic designers

  24. Max Barillas

    Hey Dave, I find really enjoyable your videos. I really miss this section, it was awesome.

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