My Laptop Setup #5 – Gamers!

Episode 5 of “My Laptop Setup” – Gamers showing off some gaming laptop setups!
Alienware 17 –
Corsair Mousepad –
Corsair Mouse –
Urbanite XL –
The Division –

Everlane Pack –
XPS 13 –
Controller –
V-Moda M100 –
Best Pencil Ever –
Bioshock –

Aorus X5S V5 –
Solo Pack –
Sleeve –
G240 Mousepad –
G900 Mouse –
Mo-Fi Headphones –
JBL Earphones –
Bluetooth Speaker –
Planetside 2 –

To Submit Your Stuff:

Follow these instructions:

1 – Take a top down knolling photo of all your gear. Lay everything straight. Get up high. Take a photo horizontally in 16:9
2 – Take a few photos(3+) or a video of each item in your setup. Take the photos horizontally in 16:9
3 – Go to, add your files
4 – Show me something you’ve done with your laptop. Gameplay, portfolio/website/soundcloud/Twitch etc.
5 – Type out your name and make a list of all the items that are in your setup.
6 – Send this via wetransfer to:

Example –

Desktop Wallpaper Download:

Music Credits:
Intro: Tyler Touché – Act Of God ft. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili – Dollar for my thoughts

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  1. Kris

    Im gonna buy myself a 14” razer blade in a few months to enjoy some gaming and running my business with mobility

  2. GamesR. Tech

    the second guy who played a game which you didn't know is called "Two Brothers"

  3. AlexVillaStudios

    Dude, ur channel rock's!!! It's a great inspiration for myself to buy my gear!!! I just got a Acer VX15 I7 7700HQ and 1050ti… Loving it!!!
    I can send you my laptop setup…
    Thx a lot!!!
    Alex Villa

  4. Tejas Kulkarni

    I have budget of 70000 rupees.which gaming laptop should i buy?


    Dude what if I wanna record but I got an and gpu what software do you recommend?

  6. I Rock at Gaming

    suggest me good games for my 2gb ram Lenovo g50. pls include a good online and popular FPS that I can run.

  7. iamveggie

    Dave! I hope you could update this maybe in Q2 this year? 😉

  8. Brad275

    A lot of people hate on OBS for screen recording because of the lag, but if you set it up correctly, it can look great and have minuscule effect on performance

  9. Naing

    This is like a tech EDC load out analysis

  10. Darkstar

    Nvidia users use shadow play.
    AMD users use OBS.
    Intel users use a better laptop 😂😂

  11. Chase Cobb

    Linux user that programs in Visual Studio? Hmmm….

  12. rithvik reddy

    I have a doubt can we do high programming on gaming laptops bcoz I like playing games also along coding…anyone give suggestions plz and also which laptop is best under 2000dollars

  13. Shashank Salian

    Hi Dave Fan from India. You rock Dave best reviewer i'll be also sending my laptop setup in somedays Keep it up man.Honest reviews Thanks man!!

  14. AhmedSusu

    Why you're not making those setup videos anymore?

  15. Varunan

    He spent more time talking about the pencil in the second setup than the actual setup…

  16. Tyrider427

    Help! Im a noon. I can game on my laptop with the nivida mx130 with no problems. I put my 4k 27inch monitor and it won't run? Anything I can do to fix this?

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