My Laptop Setup #6 – Illustrators!

Episode 6 of “My Laptop Setup” – Illustrators and Artists!
MSI GE60 –
MS 3500 Mouse –
Lumia 930 –
Intuos Tablet –

Wacom Cintiq Companion –
Wacom Classic Pen
Magic Keyboard –
Copic Markers –
Targus Bag –

Razer Naga –
Wacom Pen for iPad –
CX300 II Earphones –
Moleskin –
Peak Design Bag –

To Submit Your Stuff:

Follow these instructions:

1 – Take a top down knolling photo of all your gear. Lay everything straight. Get up high. Take a photo horizontally.
2 – Take a few photos(3+) or a video of each item in your setup. Take the photos horizontally.
3 – Go to, add your files
4 – Show me something you’ve done with your laptop. Gameplay, portfolio/website/soundcloud/Twitch etc.
5 – Type out your name and make a list of all the items that are in your setup.
6 – Send this via wetransfer to:

Example –

Desktop Wallpaper Download:

Music Credits:
Intro: Tyler Touché – Act Of God ft. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili – Differences

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  1. ch

    the second dude is a first year at university…..holy shit

  2. Ramesh Kr Sah

    How about one episode on tech used by CS graduate students?

  3. In your every video you desktop wallpapers are pulling my attention can you please tell me where are you downloading from.

  4. Dylan Wilson

    Loved the episode, just commenting to say that the "blue thing" is literally just an aesthetic thing, you can take the end of the pen off and put the ring in so it has a little line between the handle and end, also you get blue, green, red and black rings. Also the metal thing around it is like clippers to take the nib out when it gets worn down.

  5. Joel Max

    Good Tips bro… What track is that in the beggining?

  6. Taine Hasselberg

    3.04 that gave me like a vision for the greatest free roaming game. i imagined the game would be set in like 500 years in the furutre and it is on a planet run my gangsters and in this point in time the gansters are like Jabba the hut and they make money off illegal mech fights , as seen in the photo prior

  7. Daughter of God

    Aw Jay should not think like that at all. I wonder if he knows about skill share. Since people these days concern for drawing style. Their drawing skills is the reason many artists level up. However, it will take practice if they want to get better drawing anything.

    In order to practice properly is to re draw your mistakes over un doing every single mistake an artist makes. Skillshare is an amazing website. And I think Jay should check that website out, if he feels that his painting and drawing skills are not good enough. When he can full fill his goals.

  8. Jai Verma

    How can you buy so much PC's, computer, etc …?

  9. Hello! I am a student who is interested in drawing, photography and video editing. I wondering if I should get a 2 in 1 laptop like Hp Specter x360 , Surface book etc.. Or a powerful laptop with good graphics and a drawing tablet (cus I already have a small Wacom Intuos Draw, potentially getting a better one)?

    Ps: I am new to art, would have to keep using it for years and I travel around a lot, but I don't mind carrying some extra weight . Thank

  10. Nuno de Noronha

    Hi Dave, nice videos man! I'm buying a new Laptop and would like to do 2D illustrations for a book I'm writing for my daughter. I don't know much about computers, but I'm trying to gather information so that I can choose the best laptop, within my budget (1450€ = about 1700$). So far, the advice I got was to get something with an IPS screen (for better colour reproduction). Could you tell me if this laptop (a CLEVO) is good enough:

    Screen: 17'3 1920*1080 AUO B173HAN03.0 144Hz IPS (NTSC 72% sRGB 92% and AdobeRGB 60%)
    Graphics Cards: Intel 630 + GeForce GTX 1060
    8GB DDR4 2400MHZ – G.SKILL / CRUCIAL (1X8GB; can upgrade up to 32GB whenever I can, if needed)
    3 Year Warranty

    Can you tell me if I need something with a higher percentage of colour reproduction?

  11. AhmedSusu

    Why you're not making those setup videos anymore?

  12. Fragza

    Hi is there any laptop that for gaming and comes with a drawing pen?

  13. Mutmainnah


  14. All the best Jay. Your work is awesome. Such skill always gets onto the production.

  15. Kenny Nero, Jr.

    Bring this back, man. It was innovative, different but not for the sake of being different and refreshing 👍🏿

  16. exiafn

    Can some one recommend me a good beginner laptop for digital art in the 500$ to 400$ range.

  17. Death Omen

    How tf does jay feel guilty the dude can basically apply for blizzard at that skill level

  18. PurgatoryDays

    I've been wanting to move to digital art but idk what to buy. Anyone have recommendations?

  19. zuka

    He should put this in “my laptop setup playlist” it was one i was searching for and i almost missed it

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