My Massive Tech Unboxing 49.0! (Almost there!)

So much tech in this one. Grab those snacks and drinks, we got lots of cool tech to check out. 50 is right around the corner folks. I promise you won’t want to miss that one either!

Find everything here:
God of War Ragnarök Jötnar Edition –
Paladone Nintendo Super Mario Bros Lamp –
Iron Man Mouse –
Afterglow LED Wireless Deluxe Gaming Controller –
Meta Quest 2 –
Logitech G502 X PLUS LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse –
Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser –
AirPods Case Ditto –
WD_BLACK Apparel –
Sony – PlayStation Ikons Cable Guy Phone and Controller Holder –
LIGHT SHIELD Gamecube controller case –
Xbox Core Wireless Controller – Mineral Camo (Special Edition) –
Mouse Jiggler –
Gamesir X3 Mobile controller –
Hollyland Lark C1 Wireless Lavalier Microphone for iPhone –
Peak Design Sling:
Corsair K100 AIR Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:
PS5™ Gray Camouflage Collection –
AirTag Batteries:
Alpine Loop Compatible With Apple Watch Band –
Spigen DuraPro Flex Designed for Apple Watch Band:
PopSockets: PopGrip SOG Multi Tool – Black:
Haworth x Halo: Fern Gaming Chair –
Andoer 3-Wheels Wirelesss Camera Auto Dolly –

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  1. Techkid

    Just buy a big ass stand for the cameraman tho.

  2. Kevin Schroll

    Mouse jigglers have been around for a long time. We used to use them in digital forensics when creating images of volatile memory and other systems we couldn’t risk going to sleep or shutting down. We also had devices that could hook up a UPS as you unplugged a computer from the wall. There’s lots of “new tech” that’s been around a long time in other industries.

  3. Kidd Gamer

    I just love the general mood between the whole team

  4. Sepster

    Don't buy those cheap CR batteries. They always run out quick and it's for a reason. Trust me, I used to do that with smartthings door sensors and it always ran out of batteries after like 2 months. Then one day I read the manual and it said only use Duracell ones which are like $6 a piece. But the difference is they actually last the roughly 2 year advertised battery life compared to the cheap ones that come in packs of 50 for 5 bucks.

    I don't know if Apple specifically recommends a certain battery brand/model but going with the Duracell ones should be a safe bet.

  5. Really upsets me that he acts like a gamer, but has no idea how to pronounce the special edition’s name or that it’s Thors hammer and called them hieroglyphics and didn’t realize what’s all in the special edition box. This hurts.

  6. Bich Tran

    So boring this clip! Just been amazed how patience I am to suffer the nonsensed unbox with all the craps these guys get into the video. Haizzzz and yakkkkkk!!! Wasted my time!

  7. Kraig Keely

    I've had the Ironman mouse for 2 years so far. It holds up surprisingly well. Highly recommend it

  8. mduduzi bhebhe

    😅 stuff that J buys, its like he doesn't care about his money at all

  9. Sunny Uti

    Where can I get that spiderman Tee though??

  10. Ujjawal

    he is not at all an average consumer 😂😂

  11. Johnathan Abaya

    i just write a script to move my mouse a pixel every x minutes if im inactive for x minutes lol

  12. whatsNewTee

    Love tapping in to watch your unboxings! Definitely goals 💪🏽

  13. Cocoa Riche

    I love pop sockets too! Great news, the user doesn't have to give up MagSafe. The "sockets" can be removed and swapped among "pop" attachments. So, just twist off the tool socket and attach it to an empty MagSafe attachment 😃🤓 I hope that's helpful

  14. NickoBrr

    100 usd for a watch band its ridiculous btw

  15. xxnike629xx

    1:54 Yea. This is a pointless thing to include. Funny how you buy the more expensive version and they can't even include the game disc?

    I still need to get a PS5. Hopefully I can get one this Xmas.

    I can't believe we're about to be on episode 50.

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