NAT Explained – Network Address Translation

What is NAT? This is an animated video tutorial explaining how NAT works (network address translation). What’s the difference between a public IP address and private IP address? What’s the difference between IPv4 vs IPv6?


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  1. Hyikun

    how are we gonna remember the ip's after IPv6 becomes the main thing lol

  2. Bob Jones

    Hmmmm…still leaves the question how the translation can be done. Must be every block of data being sent or received by a host, has to have embedded in it by the router, the host ipv4 address; in effect everybody actually has 64 bits identifying its location in the internet: 32 bit ipv4 addressing the router, and within each block of data another 32 bit ipv4 address identifying which host????

    So a router, for example, would take 7 blocks from a host, maybe break the 7 down into 8 blocks because the router has to embed the host 32 bit ipv4 address to each block. Now with the host's ipv4 address secretly embedded in each block, the router puts its own ipv4 address as the owner of the block being sent and sends it???? When the router receives a block, it does the reverse: it finds the secretly embedded ipv4 address, repackages the block, removing the ipv4 hidden address, uses that address to send the block to the correct host….????

  3. Sainath Bhandari

    you deserve more and more respect. Thank you for teaching me. Love you from INDIA.

  4. Tai HaTranDuc

    (At 2:50) all devices connected to a router have the same public IP address

    So does it mean that the public IP address of a device is also the IP address of the router?

  5. JJJ J

    34 undecillion. That's a number you usually only see in astronomy when discussing the vast distances across galaxies and throughout the universe.

  6. John A

    This is an excellent explanation especially when you explain IPV6. Thank you

  7. s2kizzzy yauyau

    Is it true tha Nat is used by isp to slow down my internet speed?

  8. James Knott

    A few points. Some ISPs hand out private addresses, which mean customers are already behind NAT and so cannot connect to their own network from elsewhere. NAT also breaks some protocols. Also, address classes are obsolete, replaced with classless addresses, where a base address and subnet mask are specified.
    BTW, according to Vint Cerf, the guy who invented this, 32 bit addresses were only intended to be used for proof of concept, with the final version having a much larger address space. Unfortunately, IPv4 escaped, leaving the world trying to get by with only 32 bits addresses.

  9. Mike Piala

    The available amount of IPv6 addresses per square meter of the earth surface is 665 billions. The earth's surface is 510.1 trillion square meters. This is mind blowing!

  10. I want to watch another video saying "therefore engineers created ipv6. They thought world would never run out of ip addresses. THEY WERE WRONG!!!

  11. JN

    This was quality. Had an understanding about NAT – but this cleryfied alot of questions i had, that i could not answer by myself or understand the answer when googling it. Thanks!


    Hopefully IPv6 replaces of the legacy IPv4 addresses. If that happens we won’t need NAT anymore.

  13. Andrew Rich

    Why do we need IPv6? So the government can shut down individual devices? I don’t like this idea.

  14. Baz

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  15. John doe

    4:06 "… So with over 4 billion, a number this huge, we will never run out of ip addresses."
    – Some ARPANET engineers in the 60s.

  16. Steve Herbert

    Awesome visuals. I learn better with these types of videos. What software do you use to make these?

  17. Desiree Young

    Great video. I started an internet support job and the training was awful lol.

  18. John Nieboer

    Three years of past an IPV6 has rolled out, I’ll be at most are using both at the moment. Is it time to make an update?

  19. Scott Porter

    People in the year 5022 be like, those idiots thought they wouldn't run out of IP addresses again!

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