New Apple M2 MacBook Pro Unboxing! – Upgrade Time?

How does the new apple M2 Macbook Pro hold up against the M1 Macbook Pro? Let’s find out in this M2 Macbook Pro Unboxing!

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  1. Venkat Kumar

    So an M2 Pro Is decent for the games like Resident Evil? What GPU option would be a safe bet?

  2. Alexander costa

    I bought the M2 MacBook Air, didn't need pro features, needed it for college so it works out great, and I just ordered the usb cord for the Mac so I can put flash drives on it for classes

  3. Off topic and totally not about tech but that shirt 🤌🏾 I absolutely love that brown color.. I need that color in a hoodie

  4. RtlyBeauty

    No need to upgrade my M1, it will last way over 2 years for me. 😀

  5. Dominick

    I’m glad to see u UrAverageConsumer to start off the new year! Keep doing what ur doing! Great video man! 😎👌🏻👍🏻

  6. xxnike0629xx

    Upgrade time presumes you have a MacBook in the first place. 🥺

    Also when will Apple include the M chip on their iPhone line up along with things like USB-C, Mini LED display, finger print reader on the power button, under display camera, etc?
    At the least they should do it on their Pro and Pro Max line of iPhones.
    I am using the iPhone 13 Pro Max and I think I will keep using it until Apple does some of those things.

    If you want to game, I still wouldn't go with a MacBook; even if you get one with the M2 Max.

    I appreciate the way you did that comparison chart.

  7. im only going to consider getting a macbook when they can game without any issues and not just game but also game tripple A titles. cause at this point macbooks are made in mind only for those on the creative side of things, video and photo editing sure fine youre good but outside that youre screwed.

  8. Ethen Jordan

    For the high prices of computer parts. That’s a good deal

  9. Chris Sanchez

    I have the M1 Pro chip on my 14 inch MacBook Pro. So not worth the upgrade?

  10. Trey W

    this is the best comparison of power scales for the M-series of chips I have seen, very well executed and made it simple to understand

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  12. Peter Wan

    Nice video. Thanks for making and sharing it XDDD

  13. Jonas Blunk

    Could you please review the Mac mini pro version with 12 cpu and 19 gpu cores
    Please also do a full day in the life with full video editing testing in real time
    Thank you

  14. eddi3401

    im upgrading from 2013 intel mac to the m2 mac mini lol

  15. Yanooki

    I've been watching you since I was in highschool and your videos have only gotten better. The new macbook was great and your review was even better. I hope that one day I can get you in one of my youtube videos. Keep up the good work!

  16. Samriddho Das

    What are the games available in Mac. Please let me know. I recently bought a DualSense controller to play games

  17. IM RICH

    Awesome channel but you do k ow you not an average consumer man lol

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