NEW BenQ GP500 4K LED Projector Review + vs XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K | Two of the Best Around!

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The BenQ GP500 is one of the best 4K Projectors available. Low Input Lag and stunning picture & Sound! How does it compare to …


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  1. Do the color difference still apply if I use the xgimi with something like an apple tv, that haves automatic color calibration?

  2. Slave #3billion

    Just not as good as the BenQ 3000i 4LED which has better colour accuracy, vastly faster latency for games.. but I expect that the GP500 is cheaper. Prices went up and BenQ added £600 to the X3000i which made me take a step back and reconsider but I watched a film on it and it was pretty good and much better than the Xgimi Horizon Pro which I auditioned. For me, colour accuracy is most important

  3. TheSeabeeMan

    If it doesn't have 3D Frame Packing to watch 3D-BLU-RAY's then it's not worth buying regardless of price.

  4. desiman0786

    Great video as ever.. I Love Benq projectors. Would you mind telling me if the GP 500 is better than the Benq HT 2700i or the Tk 850i.. As I have a home cinema set up and am looking to upgrade.. Thanks

  5. Andrew Elphick

    Had 2 XGimi projectors, one had a dead pixel out of the box and the other developed one about two weeks after the warranty expired. They are fully featured but I wouldn’t buy XGimi again. Maybe I was just unlucky but twice bitten …

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