New Feature: Strava Flyover Hands-On!

Here’s your explainer for Strava Flyover. Or at least, kinda explained.

Strava has just announced and launched the first stage of their video flyover function. This feature creates a 3D map video fly-over of your activity, showing an orange line and a moving blue dot along side line. It’s roughly like what Relive does, except, without all the extra features. This feature requires a Strava (paid) subscription.

At present, this is launching on Android, with iOS set to arrive next month. However, also at present, it’s very very basic. Way more basic than I thought it’d be after reading the press release. Thus, the good news is this post won’t take long.



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  1. Per Nyberg

    The last 2min 19 sec is the best spent time in my life! GO BLUE DOT, GO!

  2. Neil Kelly

    On the one hand strava complains about revenue, on the other hand they waste engineering capacity on completely useless features like this … they are simply not evolving their product enough for the next wave of subscription renewals.

  3. The Lone Rider

    Uummm. I was hoping you were going to share a « live flyby » update on Strava

  4. Victor Thomas

    Don't get too excited. The build isn't from Strava, it's an implementation from FATMAP into Strava, for those that doubly know Strava acquired FATMAP. This is a pretty useless feature compared to others

  5. James Jirn

    Workaround for sharing the flyover: use your phone's screen recording feature to record it while it's playing, save the video, and then share.

  6. James McKenzie

    This isn't something I'm going to spend my limited income on. Now if Strava was the same as Training Peaks Premium and i could track all of my stats with, i might be persuaded. Right now, I'm using it for the social aspects and not much else.

  7. Barry Vetero

    Strava should have just bought Relive. The Strava flyover is pretty lame.

  8. Rick Heath

    I noticed the flyover had appeared the other day, no notification or anything just there. Fun to watch on a short activity.

    BTW I was on flightradar24's Playback feature (BTW that works in the free version) yesterday working out what an unusual aircraft that I saw was. I note that that has a speed slider that goes from 1x (real time) up to 100x!

  9. Goonage

    The last few minutes reminded me of the weather channel.

  10. Stephen Betley

    So essentially you get to Tour de France route reveal your Strava rides. Slowly. Neat, I suppose. Would be nice if they added 2x 4x 8x etc. Fly little blue dot, fly!

  11. Mike B

    Some say that Ray is still doing laps around that track.

  12. XHAD

    Wait, did I hear that right? You did 60 km in 12 hours? That is impressive.

  13. pmcmpc

    Another completely useless feature (in its current state) that they'll very probably abandon. Meanwhile they haven't fixed almost any of the stuff they've broken in the last couple of years … including segments not showing up on routes you make, which has been broken for nearly a year.

  14. Marc Debenham

    This is just incorporating the fatmap functionality that has been available to subscribers for a while just within Strava rather than a second app isn't it? That was the whole point of them acquiring them in the first place

  15. P1lot

    What a useles feature…. meanwhile we still dont have a bloody dark mode…. Sometimes I dont know what Strava's thinking

  16. P0rky

    Shoulda bought Relive instead of ripping off their idea and doing it worse.

  17. JFomo

    Had this feature for a few weeks now. Is it now only being released in Europe? Do you guys have the Power Curve graph yet?

  18. Cyrus E

    Okay, but setting aside the whole flyerover thing, what's going on with your screwdrivers and other tools in the background????? 😛

  19. Kevin Morice

    So I have to pay for a shitty version of Relive because Strava tried to kill them off? – Hard pass.

  20. X X

    I feel like you’re missing the point of MVP complaining about missing features… that would be non-MVP at that point. I’m not sure where the saltiness in this video comes from, lingering resentment over the removal of Relive? Seems like a perfectly reasonable strategic decision to implement something like this in house and then expand it based on analysis of demand for extra features once it’s out there.

    I’ve noticed a bizarre tendency for people to expect everything in Strava to be free as if it is some kind of open resource and not a commercial product the same as everything else. An awful lot of the strava whinging comes from free-tier people who aren’t even paying for it…

  21. Mihail Stacanov

    its just a consolidation of purchased fatmap company feutures into strava, I’ve been already using this feature on iOS in fatmap

  22. Jan Timmers

    I was prompted about a month ago, to check out FATMAP. I'm a Strava subscriber. I installed the app on my android phone. FATMAP and Strava Flyover – same thing?

  23. Matt LeGrand

    I'm only here to skip to the part where you run around the track over and over and over again. (5:31) I'm guessing this was the crazy million x 800 workout that you did a while back?

  24. tomylee

    This feature is available since summer, at least for me. I like it. Mostly the option to zoom around, you dont have to play it.

  25. Brent Charlton

    😂 the track session ending on this video! Yes!!! Haha can Strava also add epic elevator music options to overlay with at a later date?!? Amazing.

  26. Jonnyrock

    Fly over is fun but my phone thinks its inactive when its happening so halfway through my phone turns the screen off…

  27. nc

    Wow, a new feature? I was assuming they had fired their last developer 10 years ago

  28. Barry Bkopicz

    Canceled my paid subscription after Strava's subscription dumpster fire. This added feature doesn't change my decision.

  29. Justin Clay

    The easy listening music plus the mesmerizing blue dot caused me to fall asleep at my desk and I was just fired. Thanks.

  30. CG

    This is quite clever, but having had it for a few weeks now, I used it once when it furst appeared, liked it, but never used it again.

  31. Painfully useless. Who cares to review a flyover that takes almost the same time to playback as the activity itself ?

  32. Doesn’t FATMAP do the same and has it not recently become part of Strava?

  33. Roy Evans

    That last vid of you going around the stadium would make a nice little buffering widget. 😁😁

  34. Avioto

    Still can't believe the Flyby feature is somehow STILL IN BETA, doesn't even work in the app and now we're getting this half baked thing, while Strava is increasing the price of their subscription.

  35. powermichiel

    Android ? Really ? Strava is valued at 2 BILLION dollar… And the best thing they can come up with is… ANDROID ????

  36. Sim

    That would work – if it show together on screen stats that you choose (HR, power, elevation, etc.), and then need some controls: speed, manual rewind, stop/pause, save video.

  37. M M

    Strava strikes again.

  38. Erik M Martens

    Probably not a launch, just very limited test run via A/B testing feature flag. Most likely only 1% or .1% of people will get it and if you didn't get it now, you won't (at least during this test) because the dice has been rolled.

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