NEW iPhone Security Feature (only takes 30 seconds)

With the latest iOS update, Apple has given us the option to take control of our security with 2FA keys. Here is a quick tutorial to show you how easy it is and why you should do it. Use coupon code “ALLTHINGSSECURED” for $10 off two security keys:

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Video Timestamps
0:00 – Prepare to Secure your iPhone
0:53 – How to Add 2FA Keys to iPhone (Tutorial)
2:16 – Why care about extra security?

In this video, Josh provides a simple tutorial to help you add a 2FA key to your Apple account for greater security. He’s using the @Yubico 5 series keys, but you can also do this with the Security Keys.

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  1. R M

    Your title matches the language I have set on my iphone (spanish). No other channel. How?

  2. CyberMedics

    Thanks for doing this video. Been waiting for this. Apple was late to the party, but glad they have implemented this. I like Yubikey also, except for their Bio key that locks you out after three failed attempts.

  3. Steve Early

    Question! should I sign out off my iCloud account ? or stay logged in? right now if I click on it , it opens you ask for no password because in always logged in, same with my iPhone? what is best to do when you are done with I cloud stuff? Thank you!!

  4. Steve Early

    That you Sir for the video, once you install the key how does it work to unlock your account?

  5. natesknifepit

    Don't use iOS but have been using yubikeys on Android for a bit now, massive security upgrade for all of my accounts I can use it for

  6. AppleRunner

    It would be handy if you did a video on the practical real world implications of doing this. For eg, does this mean that I have to keep the key with me at all times? What are the scenarios that I would need to use it?

  7. Paul Johnson

    Coupon doesn’t work. Is it specific to a region/country?

  8. Tobias Parker

    I'm not an apple user but this was great. Yubikeys are awesome 😀 I'm still rockin' one of the originals from years ago 😛

  9. Wowo

    Would adding 2FA keys make that the only option to complete the authentication? For example, adding 2FA keys for 1Password still allow users to use OTP as an alternative auth option.

  10. P H

    Can one key be used for more than one iPhone? (Ie you and your wife use the same keys)

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