You are currently viewing New KILLER Mini Gaming PC from Intel – RX Vega M !!!

New KILLER Mini Gaming PC from Intel – RX Vega M !!!

Dave2D review of the Hades Canyon NUC – The ultimate mini gaming pc with Kaby Lake G (Intel i7-8809G + AMD Radeon RX Vega M GH)
Available Soon –

Intel continues to impress with their Hades Canyon NUC. Rocking a Core i7-8809G Processor with Radeon RX Vega M GH Graphics, Turbo Boost Technology 2.01, Hyper-Threading, Smart Cache, Dynamic Tuning and a Integrated Memory Controller. The Hades Canyon NUC is completely silent even while under load and it’s tiny size is perfect for any setup.

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Fili – H2O

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  1. Dave2D

    One of the coolest pieces of tech I've seen this year. Thanks for watching!

  2. Saeid K

    portable monitor + small 10 key less mechanical keyboard and you can literally game anywhere lol

  3. XWolven

    But this thing is expensive.. why wouldn't you just buy a decent cheap gaming laptop for $200 less than this?

  4. Bobby Frank

    I’ve seen so many bad comments about this. Such as it has a 1 year lifetime, it has drive installation issues, and the prebuilt ones (the only ones I can find) don’t have the advertised ram and ssd in it. Where did you buy this


    My dream setup
    MID : 4K Monitor
    Right : New mac mini


  6. J/B

    Hello, what type of screen it is at 03:15 please ?

  7. G K

    how is the audio, for music?

  8. Don Draper

    id rather get something that looks better for a better price

  9. megapet777

    Imagine intel teaming up with noctua for the cooling fan(s) for this kind of mini PC. Small, powerful, silent.

  10. S

    Hey dave, when are you gonna review ghost canyon??

  11. willeed

    how do u change the light color???

  12. RoyaltyNoob

    "Light, Small, and Powerful" that's what I told her :/

  13. Kevin Navarrete

    Dave Lee what type of backpack is it i know it’s Herschel is it limited addition ?

  14. Avi Stiel

    hello dave and thanks for the info on this one, I was wodering to by this nuc for photoshop with 32G , what do you think , if it is for gaming I think it will feet fine for photography editing ?

  15. Aditya Medhi

    Did you just weigh a solid in liters??? Is it filled with liquid?

  16. mjojr jr

    Can this render 4k video easily without overheating?

  17. Timo Ernst

    How does this stand against a Zotac Magnus ZBOX?

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