NEW MacBook Pro 16 M2 Max – 72 Hour Review! [Watch BEFORE You Buy]

Unboxing & Review of the 2023 MacBook Pro 16 – is the M2 Max a big upgrade? ▶ Check out the Urbanears Boo:

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00:00 Unboxing
01:30 What’s New?
02:36 HDMI 2.1
04:16 Ad – Urbanears
05:28 Benchmarks!
07:50 Quieter?
09:18 Bad Value…


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  1. DroneUK

    I bought a new discounted base 14 M1 Pro. The price difference in the UK is crazy and I didn’t need the extra power of the M2.

  2. Dominic

    The best laptop on the market, without a doubt! 🔥

  3. ArthropodSpidey

    Apple: Your laptop performs 20% faster
    Intel: Your laptop will overheat 20% faster

  4. Magepoo

    The price jump of the base model is because of the spec bump. the m1 14” with 10 core cup and 16 core gpu cost 2199 as well. The base model m1 14” had an 8core cpu

  5. Guru Gamer


    I’m ordering a new MacBook Pro 16” M2 Max

    Is 64gb ram okay or shall I go for 90gb ram

    In future I might edit 8K video

    Shall I go for 4TB or 8TB

    If u edit footage raw might take lot of space
    For video editing and after effects and editing ProRes raw editing 4k-8k is 64gb enough or do I need more ? I’m going for the M2 max

  6. Є ТЬ

    aspect ration in this video is a complete rubbish
    Will stop watching him if he continues so

  7. Daniel Maes

    I’m thinking of upgrading from a 2018 Intel based MacBook Pro because of the lag for something as simple as saving a word document. I don’t do major video editing so I still use iMovie but even then my laptop lags for minutes at a time for simple edits

  8. Joan

    It screams acer body and huawei screen, surely worthe the 2 months of work at starbucks so you can pretend to be a creative from the lonesomeness of your studio apartment.

  9. Mr. Berry

    Even though MacBooks are not great for gaming, with 138K refresh rate linked to a TV is still good for the games you can play on MacBooks. Impressive.

  10. Peter MacGregor

    The 16" is portable. You can't beat the screen real estate. I will wait for next years new chips.

  11. Tom Fredrickson

    $2500 for a laptop that will not be serviceable in 5 years does not seem palatable unless you can write it off as a business expense. That's $500 per year for five years for the privilege and at the end you'll need to buy another, most likely for even more money. The cost is getting ridiculous. Seriously looking at Linux laptops and considering jumping off the Apple band wagon.

  12. Bryan S

    That is one drool worthy laptop. And way more than I need in a portable device. But thanks for the review!

  13. Bonedatt

    3:50 … And here we go with the BS. Shave some weight? It's the same wish list of "thin and light" that had us lose legacy ports. They've brought some back, don't give them any ideas. Review the laptop as is, Tom.


    Yeah, I'm sticking with my M1 MacBook Pro 16 definitely it's not what worth upgrading at least for the next 3 years

  15. mige sama

    Being hotter does not mean it is performing any less than it would at a better temperature. AMD took the same route this time, it runs hotter but more efficiently and with more performance.

  16. Mr T.

    The GBP is actually up against the USD as is the EUR – both are back to 2020 levels against the USD. Inflation remains high in the US, UK and EU … I bet this is Apple reacting to a decrease in demands in the UK and EUR in the only way they know how to: increase unit prices and punish their core customers outside the US.

  17. Shaun

    if you can find one get a discounted M1 14 or 16" inch at a discount instead. 99.99% of users will be more than happy

  18. 鹤鹤

    HDMI2.1 is the standard hdmi port for laptop this year
    Really good thing for ppl who have 4k high refresh monitors/TVs

  19. mikldude

    Just thinking about the different strategies with the cooling fans , i’d take a punt the fans coming on later on the m2 was needed to get the full hour of extra battery life over the previous model for marketing purposes.

  20. Edwin B

    No thanks. Don’t want to use that clown macOS.

  21. Boo

    Wow, i wish i can buy something like this to pursue my music career o_o, prolly feels good to be like you

  22. Marian Ilie

    I use Davinci for edit video and LR for stills raw. these test suks

  23. DeSVARCS

    06:54 Premiere is using CPU+RAM so it is pointless to compare the GPU benchmark for rendering
    Where's DaVinci Resolve is using GPU+RAM and you should theoretically see much bigger difference.

  24. Steven R12

    I love this video at large❤❤,. you remind me of what someone once said.."If your salary is your only source of income, you are one step away from poverty". I once attended seminar and ever since then i been waxing strong financially, and i most tell you the truth….

  25. Chul

    Investing appropriately today can save you a whole lot of stress in the nearest future ♥️

  26. Omar Z

    I am gonna wait till quarter three of 2027 when we have the M5 Pro/Max. It will definitely be worth the wait!!

  27. HRNx Genos

    I have an M1 macbook air and I edit all of my youtube video in this beast and its never disappointing me

  28. nick fernando

    Having had an m1 air 16gb since launch (which has been excellent!), workflow changes drove my requirements to a more powerful setup. I waited and waited for the m2 pro/max to come out toward the end of last year. I couldn’t wait any longer and picked up 2 m1 max 32gb (14 and 16) for me and one of my team at the end of December, £500 and £299 cheaper than msrp.

    Imagine my horror when the m2 pro and max got released! Then I saw the price in the UK and £749/25% more for 20 – 30% more performance thankfully didn’t seem worth it.

    If you can get m1 pro or max for substantially less than msrp then they are still well worth it. The price increase in the UK has left space for the m1 series as long as they remain in stock.

  29. Harold Lau

    Please do a 14" m2 max vs 16" m2 max 🙏🙏🙏

  30. You do realise that you could have 8k 60 on the M1 model using a USB-C to hdmi cable I hope 😮😂😊

  31. Xisk

    Fuck Apple. Those fuckers are helping the CCP crush protesters. I hope people know that. They must punished for playing along with those commie monsters. Boycott unitll all ties to the ccp have been cut. ✊

  32. Michael Prince

    If you already have the M1 Max, don't upgrade. They screwed us all over with that HDMI 2.0 port so they can wait another year for my money to upgrade. Plus the performance isn't that exciting so upgrading to the next one will get you 60-90% since the M3 will likely be using the 3nm chipsets next release. (better cooling and faster performance than the current M2)

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