New Razer Blade Stealth – Huge CPU Upgrade!

Dave2D review of the new 13.3″ Razer Blade Stealth. Their best laptop for students and professionals who need portability.
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The new thin and light ultrabook with the Quad Core 8th gen Kaby Lake R CPU. This thing is way faster versus the 7th gen CPU for multi-core applications and gaming with the Razer Core.

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  1. Dave2D

    One of my favorite ultrabooks on the market. This thing just keeps getting better and better. Do you guys like the Gunmetal Grey? Or the Black better?
    (FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES. or mebbe a giveaway)

  2. Liatin1

    Can they make a 15in version? Similar to the blade 15 but stealth? I can't stand 13in laptops 🙁

  3. JFTWynn

    With the SSD being removable, I’m guessing u can upgrade if you want more storage? Sorry I’m very much new to this stuff and I just bought this laptop

  4. I bought one from the Razer website. The first one was messed up, so I had to send it back. My second one is also messed up, but classes start in 9 days and I can not go 3 weeks without a computer. DO NOT buy Razer. Unless you're a youtuber with enough exposure that they notice you, and send you decent products, it's not worth it.

  5. Kost Baburin

    What's going on? Where are all stealth? Why Razer stoped selling them?

  6. Tal Leron

    Hey, does it support PCIe 3.0 Gen SSDs? (NVMe)

  7. Lukas Adrianto

    Is it still worth it getting this with 7th gen i7 or should i just get an alienware 15? With gtx 1060


    Есть кто из рашки? (Is there anyone from russia?)

  9. Keith Mpuya

    Hey Dave is it possible to get this particular laptop with lower hardware specs for like $500? i'm a programmer and i'd love to buy a machine that is super portable like the macbook air but running at least a core i5 processor, ssd storage and a fairly good gpu in the intel series. please recommend something. thank you.

  10. Dev Rishi Dutta

    MacOs – Productivity
    Bootcamp Windows – Gaming


  11. Matthew Thomas

    Do you think a new one will be coming out soon? The gunmetal 8th gen has gone mysteriously missing 🤔

  12. Dipper964

    Is the ram and ssd upgradeable on the 2018 stealth?

  13. Jonathan

    Do you think they'll make a 2018 version of the Razer Blade Stealth soon? They updated the Razer Blade 15 but I am looking for a 13.3 inch laptop for my studies.
    Also, do you think a touch display is worth spending more money? I mean why do you even need touch on a laptop?

  14. Blair

    You "can" play games on it. It has intel 620 graphics which can run csgo and overwatch at 720p low settings

  15. E Thy

    Dave the 2019 model is released today
    Im waiting for your review.

  16. Jon Jon Tanyag

    Dave how about for programming tasks, like using Visual Studio 2017 and MS SQL 2017, will this unit suffice? Thanks

  17. TheBitFox

    Re-Watching the now just angers me that this titanium/gunmetal grey color isn't standard… It looks so much better and probably is better for everyday use than black or that mercury silver/white.

  18. David Reyna

    Which dbrand skin should I get on the gun metal grey?

  19. Archer_Erwin

    My friends give me this laptop for gift. My girlfriend sell this laptop $1143. I feel so mad about this.

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