New Razer Blade Stealth Review (Kaby Lake) – Is it Much Better?

Review of the New Razer Blade Stealth with Kaby Lake (HD620). Starts at $999.
dbrand Skins:
Stealth Pricing Here –
Core Pricing Here –

Review Unit – i7-7500U/16G/256G/QHD

Average Frame Rates @ 1024 x 768 / Lowest Graphics
CS:GO – 160 FPS
Overwatch – 50 FPS
RB6 – 45 FPS

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Intro: Tyler Touché – Act Of God ft. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)
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  1. Onion

    time stamp when he shows the laptop?

  2. Tom Pitt

    Wait… I saw you looking at a Dye post… What you doing dave?

  3. Tell me what you guys think?Alright so here is a question- I am active duty military and I travel a lot. I had a pretty powerful Asus that could run all games on ultra with no issues but at 17.3 inches but it was way too big. Since I will be travelling the 12.5 Stealth seems like a good idea but is the 2016 Blade worth it for about $300 more and a bit more size and weight? Im concerned about size for the most part. I also have a PsVita for a lot of gaming so I dont mind gaming on it instead of a 14 which is more powerful than a Stealth. My goal is to travel with something that will fit into most bags and doesn't weigh a ton. The stealth has good battery life and I am a netflix/ movie addict on the go so theres that too. Battery life is important along with a travel friendly size but I know virtually nothing about the 14 inch Razer Blade. Id like to run Fallout New Vegas, Borderlands 1 and 2, and maybe The Witcher on low to medium settings on the Stealth with ok frame rates (35-40). On the regular Blade I know its got a 1060 so gaming will be great. My old Asus went through anything at 60+ FPS so I might be a Frame Rate addict from it. I never want a 17 inch laptop again with me unless I am stateside and permanent party so anything huge is out of the question. For the extra power is it worth the Razer or is it better saving the $300-$500 and getting the stealth? I enjoy gaming and have a nice steam library but also because I will be moving around a lot and doing a lot for the next 3 years of my contract I may not get the chance to game especially because I'm going to be an Airborne Ranger. I still will get the time to do it on the Weekends for some of that time. Anyways I would love quite a few opinions on which you would recommend in my current situation. Anyone active or retired military your input is highly valued too. Dave, I would love a response about what you think too! Thanks for reading this!(:

  4. Matan Shikhman

    Dave can you please send me the black dragon skin set my parentss dont let me get it plssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    i will giv you my adress.

  5. Pat Mau

    this sounds better than mac. lol can i use this for school?

  6. Live Better

    hi Dave,
    I'm thorned in between Razer blade stealth and Alienware 13 oled.
    Razer blade stealth
    pro: light weight, i7 and 16gb
    con: should not be able to handle gaming. not so future proof. expensive Razer core
    Alienware 13 oled
    pro: integrated graphic card. no concern in terms of performance. cheaper external graphic compatibility
    con: weight

    my concern: will it be able to handle web building with wix, slots of video and pictures. Auto Cad, photoshop, work and some light gaming.
    what would you suggest?

  7. John Bannister

    great vid man. everything i needed to know in a five minute video.
    Got my sub!

  8. NetCodeERROR

    I want to buy this for school, I heard on amazon reviews that the fans have issues and are loud is this true for the kaby lake???

  9. MySpace

    Despite the bezels, the stealth 12.5 inch kaby lake is a great laptop all around. Yes, it isnt a gaming laptop, but its a stunning and productive one that will do anything you ask for (except games).

  10. Micu

    Can you run GTA v here bf1 or overwatch?

  11. James Scott

    Are you or anyone experiencing any bottle neck issues regarding the Razer blade stealth with the Razer core and gtx 1080?

  12. Wicked Fanatic

    Holy shit do you play paintball? I see you looking at those dye i5s….

  13. Sacha

    If you turn down 4watt it will improve the performance!


    Ya the skins that block the logo are nice. It's a shame too cause virtually every square inch of these laptops are god damn gorgeous, it's just that logo is insanely tacky, at least imo.

  15. mario 64

    I can build a fucking pc with a GTX 1080 to foounder edition for the same price plus with a 120 frame per second monitor

  16. NA4

    You're one of the only "mainstream people" who reviewed this laptop. Can't thank you enough man I love the videos. Keep it up I'll keep on watching!

  17. UwU

    I have the core i5 Kaby Lake one

  18. valiouwu

    I found this laptop for 500 USD, should i get it ? (im broke)

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