Next-Gen Screens Samsung Wants in Your Electric Vehicle #shorts

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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. Lenny Marinez

    And we have yet to eradicat cancer? Wtf is happening to us?

  2. Naiv

    yes we can all imagine the latest screen tech or any tech in cars and over the top and super expensive, their will be few ppl who can buy this and even when its more afordable no one will be into screens everywhere, sometimes cars are like fashion u never see it again its just an idea, and a super distracting one for the driver at that

  3. Exactchip8299

    If you thought driving with a mobility device was a distraction, doing a 360 no scope on MW2 whilst the highway. The future is bright.

  4. Okay but if you crash, your head is going to go straight into the screen…
    Surely the safety implications have been considered right?

  5. Shiha

    Cars screen. All screen cars

  6. Alpha Omega

    EVs will be banned within a decade. They’re filthy

  7. CapnCody1622

    Who would have thought that the future would be all screens? 🧐

  8. lasarith2

    I can see that being more of a distraction then just plane old dials would be .

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