You are currently viewing Nextbit Robin Review – The First Cloud Phone

Nextbit Robin Review – The First Cloud Phone

The Nextbit Robin is the world’s first cloud-oriented phone. A comprehensive review covering build quality, internal hardware, screen, camera tests and performance.

Are cloud phones worth it? How is this different from Google Drive or Drop box? Who is the Robin for? Is the Nextbit cloud useful?
Watch this video to find out! =)

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  1. WAGYU

    Looks like the razer phone wtf

  2. Stephen

    Too bad there's no more cloud storage

  3. Pablo Zavala

    Thought it was razer phone, oh wait it was uploaded at 2016 :v

  4. Raghav Ramu

    The cloud feature is currently unavailable….It's a big disappointment for all the Robin owners.

  5. Nese

    Bought it last year for $130, I'm so happy

  6. chandan kumar

    I want to buy this phone but I m not getting any way to buy it…if possible please help me

  7. you fuck how you can lie so much ? this phone is so fragile, bend in you hand eazy like paper. do a bend test

  8. Pullie

    Anyone in 2018 he’s saying 400$inst cheap😱😱

  9. Comrade Hox

    bend it. it'll just snap with little pressure applied.

  10. Mr Grumpy

    Now this is a good design! Not all those new shinny glossy craps!

  11. Wow, I never have heard of this phone.. was looking at some nexus vid which which I just found out why people are always comparing it to the pixel phones. It really does look like the pixel 2 and 2xl and Pixel 3. Except the Pixel 1 and 3 xl cause of the notch. But I just learned that it was were it all started. Wherein google continues to take customers needs but still just ends up not finishing it on time and does continues its update while on the go.. but that makes it hard for there hardware were they can be a bit late esp in there release time. Like there RAM always gets lower compared from other phones. It may be a good thing, but makes it harder to always recommend on first buy, the software updates makes it more on the better side.

    But what happens is, they sometimes do copy what others have.. I hope they just do make there own and stand up to what they have. They are really a unique one and heard them first when I had news about the Pixel 2 last 2years when it was still in the news.

    Then decided to go for the Pixel 2xl Panda. My favorite as of now. Really want the Pixel 3 or 3xl, but it's kinda really expensive for me to go and have it.

    Btw, I bought mine second hand last december, the only prob was there was an issue in the front facing camera. Like a lens burn.

    Yeah, since in the Philippines there isn't any google store for Pixel phones warranty is really something we would not have and take really the risk of buying or someone to buy and send it to us in order for it to be cheaper, or as same price as the ones in the US for example.

    I really am taking care of this phone since it is already expensive for me to have on a phone. Got it for Abt $600 2ne hand 128g xl size.
    But if it falls or gets damaged, no more warranty. Except if I buy it in Amazon or other OL market, but it is more than I can buy.

    Anyways, thanks for the great vids Sir Dave! Keep making those vids.

    Really am looking forward for the Pixel 3 if I have the money. Or maybe just save for the upcoming Pixel 4.
    What I just like Abt the Pixel 3 is the wide front camera, and better picture processing. But the video still doesn't look great compared to the iPhone XS and OnePlus 6's and even with Pocophone. Haha.

    Sorry this comments too long already.

    Hoping the next Pixel will put back the Pixel 2's navigation button, put the Sim card tray at the side again, Have great design but still keeping its minimalistic approach. Continue the color coded power button or add a color to the volume button too? Or small tiny arrow like? Idk? Haha put one lens on the first and back, but integrating both with ultrawide on front and back. I think they can do it. Or if not, then both front and back have atleast 2 cameras for ultrawide and way better proximity dedicated lens blur. But I think they can do it in one lens. Same as to having a DSLR with just one lens. Then make speakers not louder, but clearer no vibrations. Lesser bezel maybe near the front firing speakers. Love those stereo speakers. You can't block them easily. (Not sure if it would be better if instead on top and bottom, but on sides but still in front?.. haha. But how can we hear and talk to someone calling? Idk, but it can make no bezels on top and bottom. Or maybe just maybe make it proportional like the pixel 2xl. Usually it looks good when you roster the phone making the speaker on the sides. Or better yet add speaker on the sides too for a chance to still hold the phone and not accidentally touching the screed. And put 4 speakers on top, button and sides. That way it would be like an all surround sound bar and it would be really clear. And still we can hold the phone at the sides or Top when rotated.

    Then make better zoom if with much better lens 🙂 one or two. And making video processing color becoming better too. Like becoming an HDR+ video quality. They already had done the audio in Pixel 3's I think they can too in the Video.

    Hmm. 6g/8g/10g ram? 128/256g of storage? Or still stick with having 64g? Since we have unlimited storage of I think 2yrs? Or 3yrs?

    Then when in video mode, when you go to full screen, having proportion of the curves like as seen in the Pixel 2's and the 3, to have it max out and still be proportion since it takes the whole screen panel. That would be great. And still having wireless charge. And having the seepd of maybe like the Mate 20 pro and OnePlus 6t McLaren, both in wireless and plugged. Or maybe faster when plugged like the Mclaren One plus, and plugged like the Mate 20 pro. Have a great fan? Haha, or cooling system to fight the heat? Woah that is super way fast, and still having the design of both Polycarbonate and glass back like the pixel 3. Hmmm and still continue on what you do best google. That way you'll be the best phone ever. Plus having a great battery life and sleek design. Haha. Like having the Asus Ultrabook which is already phase out. It like a Pocophone. Cheaper value but great quality specs. Cooling system, and Water proof and resistant IP rating. Hoping to have a better gorilla glass on front and back, hope they find a way to have lighter material but way stronger glass to avoid scratches and breakage from falls since it is lighter and have a mixture of glass, plastic polycarbonate etc? Haha i'd say this is too much. Having a dedicated Pen? Maybe no thanks? Or maybe optional, like an accessory.

    Battery: Pocophone and Mate 20 pro
    Speed: OnePlus6t McLaren. 10g speed
    Built: Note 9, Pocophone and Pixels (glass and polycarbonate to have that NFC and Still making it light. Like an Ultrabook)
    Processing power and software and other built in accessories and screen panels: The best of the best where Google thinks it is the best up to date to avoid those screen issues every now and then.

    And mostly, I think that's it. It looks too long, but so far it's not that much I can say. Haha, just really longer to type. And maybe the release of the next Pixel will be a bit longer but release could be better if it would be 3rd to 5th month of the year.
    That way, it's competition time and people will be able to use it at the start of the year. 🙂 Well, they can just release the lite version of the phones which should be cheaper so they have improved on them first before selling the full versions to generate more income and get feedbacks on. Like a beta to full kind of experience. But it's not really a beta feeling cause it's officially released as lite.

    Really remembered that phone that wasn't given a chance to succeed. The customizable phone. It's like the one with boxes, taking one out then upgrading to another part etc.. haha forgot the name.

    Anyways, shout out to Sir @Dave Lee. Thanks for the reviews. Hope someday I can do reviews like yours and other review techs. Hope I can afford the phones or other Tech stuffs some day.

    "Thumbs if you liked it, Subs if you loved it" -Dave Lee
    Had to put that caption though <3

  12. Blabla Bla

    My cheap ass plastic toy is stronger than this phone.

  13. Dream Fighters

    To be honest, i would get this phone even thou its 2019. its unique

  14. Omar A

    I wish Razer would make a remake of this phone in 2020. Same design, colors yet with better hardware.

  15. Shiro Tonbo

    Dave2d you are so beautiful in this video. Love your smile.

  16. Love Patel

    I hate that nextbit team killed their own brand
    Was waiting for their next phone but its never gonna happen now
    Currently i use my robin as a photo frame and alarm clock

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