Nexus 5X and 6P Review – The Best Android Phone of 2015?

My thoughts on the 2015 Nexus 5X and 6P phones. Enjoy!
A Nexus 5X versus 6P review/comparison covering build quality, displays, speakers, cameras, gaming and performance
Dbrand Skins –

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  1. Mike Chen

    Really nice video bro I love it, keep up your good work!

  2. feesha ali

    I love your voice!! You're so calm and composed 🙂

  3. That Other Guy

    I dunno why everybody hates the visor, I personally think it makes the nexus look great and unique.

  4. Adrian MH

    5.2" is considered a small phone! Oh lord, what has the world come to? Manufacterers never seem to listen to their users. When you ask people what their perfect size smartphone is, they're gonna say 4.8 – 5.1 inches. Instead of trying to make screens bigger every year they should focus on making the bodies smaller with around 5inch screens. Only reason I am hanging on to my G2 is because every other phone in that range has a crazy bigger footprint. The 5X proves my point right there.

  5. Nexus 6P or Samsung S7?
    I really want the Nexus 6P but i am afraid that is not future proff as the S7.
    (sorry for bad english)

  6. Tupolev Tu-95

    Imagine if Google made a "skin" for iOS. That's what my iPhone looked like.

  7. victor vance

    Ive had an iphone 5s for while and i newly bought a nexus 5X then i realized how isheep i was !

  8. Simon Šelih

    full charge in 60 minutes for nexus 5x?? thats stupid quick

  9. Somebody

    Just noticed this video came out exactly a year ago. /comment

  10. shahem enjary

    those cameras alongside with those of the pixels are still the best in the market till today you idiot . i wish i had one of these JUUUST for the cameras and picture quality

  11. JJ

    oh no. your voice is kind of soothing after watching exaggerating and ear-blasting reveiws you deserve more subs. i have little doubt you can reach 1milion before long. keep it up

  12. Rage 9one

    There is no noticable difference in performance between the two, both phones are amazing!

  13. Sim S.

    Its 2017 and im still sitting here with my nexus 5 and its still going strong.

  14. Tobias Dettinger

    The Nexus 6P is a very good device. Have this since 2016 and works fine. Battery is still OK but the thermal trotheling drives me crazy!!! If the battery/cpu is over 40°C, the phone only uses the weak 4-cores… Wtf am i in 2012 again?

  15. Jason Gr

    I am using the 5x today. Laggy nowadays coz of the small memory but excellent camera till now. Better than the iphone 7. The software updates have improved the photos a lot. Very durable as well. Many falls no cracks on the screen

  16. Tamara Girodie

    Just found this old video of yours… The progress you've made is incredible, even from such a high starting point! I miss the 5X, the mint one I had was by far the best phone I had in the past with the iPhone SE.

  17. Chetas 365

    i dont know why but i am watching this in 2019 ! , hope so pixel looks as good as nexus 6p

  18. Diya

    Still owns a Nexus 6p… Replaced the battery and it is good as a new

  19. Laxus Dreyar

    That intro song! Nostalgia already. Thanks for choosing to be a Youtuber Dave.

  20. __

    i'm still using my 5 year old nexus 6p and have RR8 on it. Just decided to go watch some reviews how good this phone was back then. Am still very satisfied with it

  21. RPtastic

    The oldest dave2d video I've ever seen.

  22. Asad Farraj

    Back in the days when people compared LG smartphone cameras with the flagships.

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