Nintendo Switch – So You Finished Zelda… Now What?

CORRECTION – Switch supports 4 players on one switch for some games. Sorry!
My Nintendo Switch “Review” after a couple weeks. Is there more to this thing than Zelda?!
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  1. Dave2D

    So… It turns out, I'm totally wrong about the 2 Joy-Cons per switch. I got this from a rep at a Bomberman R demo. I should have done more research. Some games support more than 2 players per switch. My bad!!

  2. e501p

    Dude your TV is WAAAAY too high on that wall. Be careful with the neck!

  3. Adnan 1508

    That being said I still at this point of time have not finished Zelda yet

  4. xuimod

    A year later, this question is obsolete. There are so many good/great games on the Switch.

  5. Joseph Fuller

    Yes, the accessories are expensive, but after a year I'm not gonna regret getting them

  6. Thomas Heart

    I absolutely love your channel man. We have the exact same style and mindset towards design. The vibe of your videos is just so confident and chill. LOVE it!

  7. Dark Star Plus

    The charge port has to be on the bottom or it wouldn't be able to go in the dock

  8. Shogunotaku

    I just put cemu now playing Zelda 4k, 75fps I have 54 hrs in 3days just freaking love the game.

  9. Ethan Hayn

    You never actually answered the question. What do I do now after completing every Main Quest (aside from Destroy Ganon), every Side Quest, finding all of the shrines, completing DLC pack 1 and 2, upgrading all of the important armour, and finding all 900 Korok seeds??

  10. hengineer

    Team17….I hear that! Worms baby! "I've had about bootches of this!"

  11. Vincent

    Dude Botw is the nintendo switch and the reason you bought the system in the first place and also you don't finish Botw, you play it ALOT for weeks/months, then you take some time off before you play it again, and the cycle continues….

  12. Waseem Parker

    Would be cool to hear you thoughts on the Switch after all this time

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