NodeJS User Auth with PassportJS (P4D12) – Live Coding with Jesse

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Project 4 Day 12: Today we will begin implementing user authentication with PassportJS.

See a professional front-end developer at work. Unscripted. Mistakes included.

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  1. EmmittBrownBTTF1

    No computers in school in 1994, America is quite the backwater. 1985 my highschool had a room that had a dozen Apple IIc with twin 5 1/4" floppy disks. But my school was in NZ and no it's not a state of Australia. We were never really worried by socialism, we accepted education helps people live better, and the investment in people made good economics.

  2. Rock Vnme

    Hey Jessi, Thanks alot.
    Please arrange the Project 3 or P3 to a particularly playlist like P2. Thanks 😉

  3. Jesse, could you recommend any library or package for role based access control in NodeJS app? Thanks in advance

  4. guru

    Please explain how to handle UI for admin and user based on roles in MERNSTACK..

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