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Nvidia RTX for Laptops

Nvidia Geforce RTX laptops are coming! Before I review them, here are some early thought on the mobile Turing architecture
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Ray tracing looks to be the future of graphics acceleration but we’re still a ways out from mainstream adoption of that technology. Look for Geforce RTX 2060 and RTX 2050 in upcoming laptops.

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  1. Dave2D

    Nvidia's RTX technology is definitely the future of gaming but do you think you'll pick one up in the current market? Or would you rather get a 10-series laptop for less?

  2. I have a question… If I build my own PC and put a dedicated graphics card can I use that GPU as an External GPU for my laptop with a thunderbolt 3 connection?

  3. amir hossein


  4. Nick Jaime

    pascal is already hard to cool with the big fat boy's of laptop's. I think they will still put the 2080 and 2070 but the version will be what they did with the 1080 or 1070 which is Max Q gpu's. I don't see power being a problem since most of the big 17-18 inch laptops will have either a 330w or duel 330w power supplies. If the temps are close to pascal then the cooling solutions we have will be fine but they do run hot and I hope team green fixed the temps.

  5. ER 90

    maaan thanks thats what i need

  6. Fails

    i wait for gaming laptop with i9 and rx2080 and 4k hdr 144hz g-sync display , i hope the price is under 8000€

  7. Nishant Garg

    Your videos are damn good but the hand gestures are pretty distracting….!!!!

  8. Jonny

    Looking for a laptop. 600-700 dollars. OS on SSD. decent gaming performance. any recommendations?

  9. Still waiting for a slim 1440p bezel-less laptop with a high refresh rate πŸ˜’

  10. Garry Chen

    DLSS would be massive for laptops actually,
    More frames or same frames with lower power

  11. rakhi mondal

    πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ do a giveaway of the Dell Alienware 17

  12. Im not intrested for high frame rates. Its not beautiful and nor desireble. Anything above 60fps is pointless. Its a mind trick of advertisers. There is no difference!!! But image quality has a real point and a real reason to exists. Thanks to Nvidia that dream Come True. The rest of us tried to find the differences of 144hz to 60…

  13. Tim U

    I just need it for rendering 😍

  14. Cory Mc

    If we wait until rtx comes out, the 10 series laptops should be even cheaper. Or maybe try to buy one during black friday/cyber monday

  15. Gladiator7 7

    Unless there comes a day where the graphic cards reach THE rooftop in excellence and there is no other graphic card coming next, it doesn't worth to buy a gaming laptop. Why buying a gaming laptop when every 6 months comes a fucking newer and demanding graphic card. And then after almost a year your laptop is old enough to be able to handle newer games on max settings. After 2 years it is ancient. After 3 years a dinosaur and after 4 years a junk. Better to buy a desktop and save money instead of spending a fucking fortune almost every year. It's stupidity.

  16. Frencho9

    That power draw comparison chart between RTX 20 series Turing and GTX 10 series Pascal hit the nail in the head. No OEM is going to slap a RTX 2080 or 2070 when they draw much more power and don't show any noteworthy performance gains over a 1080 TI and 1080 respectively. There is nothing to gain, it will only make power bricks larger or double, thermal solutions beefier/thicker and battery time shorter for a 5% increase in avg fps over Pascal… In 2019 Gaming laptop manufacturers should stick with 10 series Pascal or try to fit a 1080 TI MaxQ on the 17 Inch desktop replacement models. If the reviewer community already figured out the RTX 20 series is a stopgap to make 10 series pascal look good value in 2019 and sell the massive leftover stock. I'm pretty sure OEM know better. They will wait for 7nm mobile GPU and all the power/thermal efficiency they will bring. No point in wasting resources designing a laptop case and thermal solution for Turing I predict a limited production run of 17 inch desktop replacements with RTX 2070 or RTX 2080 targeted at whales or fan boys but that's it. Lastly if the 2060 is actually a GTX offering 1070ti performance for a slightly lower power draw compared to the 6GB 1060 it would be an instant hit for thin and light gaming laptops.

  17. W:

    You guys think that laptop graphic cards haven't improved much last couple of years?. The new mx150 is not better than the gtx950m or gtx960m (seeing benchmarks) and there's no much choice if you want a laptop don't weight more than 1.7kg but mx150, so it's the same scenario than 2 years ago. On top of that I don't know why there's so many laptops with terrible screens, the cost of a ips screen is almost same.

  18. UwU

    9th gen i7 and RTX entry level 2050 Ti or 2070 should be fine for me 😊

  19. Husain Husain

    amd build a dual gpu monster like r9 295×2 it was king of grapchis card for 4 years crossfires are suck build single twin gpu monster

  20. Helmi Luthfi

    Hey dave, do you think when rtx 2080 launched on laptops, it'll affect the prices on laptops with 1050/1050ti?

    If yes, how much it'll be down approximately?

  21. Yash Bhatt

    Nvidia RTX 20 series is coming out soon, so should I wait till they come out or buy GTX 10 series instead?

  22. BatGamer067

    One question, Will the price drop for laptops that has mx150 and gtx 10 series?

  23. I udnerstand the innovation behind ray tracing. But I still believe its a joke as of its current state. I saw a comparison video ebtween ray tracing on and off for BFV, and honestly I couldn't tell the difference

  24. Tyler1989

    Just ordered the Asus rog strix with the 2070. I thought about going with the 1070 but as of now the price on xotic pc was the same. They haven't lowered the price yet.

  25. AutoGamesNation

    Can u please do a video comparing the 2060(laptop) vs the 2070 max q?? From the benchmarks ive seen so far the 2060 being more of a desktop variant is equal to or better than the 2070 max q. Nvidia has so many tdp versions of the new max q gpus and no one is talking about this. If the benchmarks are true and the 2060 is better in a laptop vs the 2070 max-q people are gonna pay the extra 100-200$ for the 2070 max q with no performance increase. Please look into this for your mass audience

  26. i'm heartbroken optical drives no longer exist in laptops AND PCs?! lol found out today. i love being being old school.

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