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Office Setup Tour 2018

The Dave2D Setup Tour. This is the tech I’m using in my office right now.
Alienware Monitor –
Tiny PC Case –
Blue/White Keyboard –
Keycaps –
Headphones –

LG 38″ Monitor –
White Backup Drive –
Belkin Charger –

Big White Mouse –
Small White Mouse –

White PS4 Pro –
Midifigher 64 –
Nintendo Switch –
White Battery –
Big Battery –

West Elm Desks –
Chairs –
Backpack –

Background Music: Fili

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  1. Dave2D

    (No one asked but i made one anyways)
    Thanks for watching fam =)

  2. Jad Kadah

    What i really like about his setup is that he doesnt make his room just one big RGB strip, making his room look like a disco floor. The setup is super clean and neat without all the RGB stuff.

  3. nori

    looks like a whitebox room and feels cramped

  4. suri4Musiq

    Did you forget about that Xbox staying Ter ???

  5. HLover03

    Looks nice and clean but desk seems too thick to be ergonomic.

  6. StrikerEureka

    I giggled a little when I realised he uses his airpods as his primary audio source…

  7. Adnan Ahmed

    Wait does Dave edit on Mac OS or on Windows. Please explain.

  8. berryy

    Looks so bland edit the white wall abit

  9. Saad Yaqub

    man arent you a little too close to the monitor?

  10. Do Good

    All I could see is I am rich, I am fucking rich…

  11. rav

    i think the desk is kinda too short to handle arms xD

  12. Zroid

    I like how the mouse in the description is just

    Small white mouse
    Big white mouse

  13. Jas

    can we have more of these type of videos?

  14. Jon Wu!

    What type of seagate drive is that? I cannot find it anywhere, it would be perfect for my setup, anyone know?

  15. Andrew O'Neil

    West Elm? Mid Century Modern? That's some good taste, I have a feeling that Dave2D is the type of guy to want an apartment that looks like Don Draper's.

  16. GO _

    where did you get the mx master white version? The link in the description seems to be black only (?)

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