Official Launch Gameplay of Zenless Zone Zero on Android and iOS

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leave it to Billy I got yourself we interrupt your regular programming for this breaking news a companion Hollow has suddenly appeared on 14th Street and has already breached level three containment the hollow investigative Association has dispatched a team to the scene to carry out emergency protocols evacuation in nearby blocks is underway away Street come check this out 14th Street I think the news mentioned it earlier give me a sec yeah in the Janice quarter they say it’s already breached the level three controls yeah public security were conducting a Manhunt over there today evacuations may not be going as expected so you’re saying we should get ready we’ll be seeing some business coming our way [Music] soon cool now we play the waiting game H has suddenly Street go [Music] back over there go [Music] go get [Music] these are dangerous dudes as soon as we find that don’t think there’s a easy it bounc Dam what my you hey that I’m willing so you need the correct H what i s boss in that Cas kill you repeat we boss you can stay damn it’s in hair what then why are you pick the B Falcon for we’re done I want to file a complain [Music] [Music] [Music] can confirmed we’ve fallen into a hollow let’s get going an ethereal that was quick [Music] h tracks platform good I don’t have a carrot or I will be making a voice and Holo survival log number one from my surroundings I can confirm this is [Music] [Music] [Applause] my heart rests a little easier whenever you’re around DY for youve [Applause] stand fell which one [Applause] [Music] [Applause] in my sight fracture the move he he [Applause] it’s got a sword for a hand watch out it slashes also have a white range pinch your maneuver neutralize let’s switch Ambi [Applause] take on feel the ultimate Starlite he’s recovered is this ether activity still increasing keep up the attack n we don’t have the Firepower to fight for long let’s bounce [Music] [Music] I just checked don’t worry I wasn’t followed [Music] hello can you hear me Nicole you can put EOS through now okay right little one off you go then done bang Boo’s on the [Music] way well then can we begin [Music] H we’re back here again [Music] damn another fight I have to rate my amm’s deting I can say goodbye to my efficien on incoming get [Music] ready wait wait wait wait that wasn’t me hey guys over here good work on it’s a scarf wearing t talking bang boom oh [Music] you’re please manager lead the way new enemies incoming don’t let your guard down

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