You are currently viewing OMG Setup #2 – No Man’s Sky!

OMG Setup #2 – No Man’s Sky!

O.M.G. Setups Episode 2 – No Man’s Sky. The Ultimate Laptop Setup for Online Mobile Gaming

Razer Kabuto –
Razer Orochi –
Razer ManO’War –
Tessel Jetpack Backpack –
Dell Inspiron 7559 –
Robin Phone –
Boosted Board –

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No Man’s Sky (PC) –
No Man Sky (PS4) –

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  1. James Lehman

    I don't know if this will get answered but what laptop should I buy?: this laptop or an MSI ge62(non-vr) thanks

  2. Udit 114

    Hey Dave! What would you prefer to use a mobile hotspot connection or a stable Ethernet connection for games like CS: GO, MKX….

  3. Yogircloclo

    that is a huge pair of headphone on you, almost doubled the size of your head. cool

  4. John O'Brien

    Do you think that they will release a 10-series version of this? With like a 1060? I really love this laptop but want to wait

  5. yeah

    Please do rainbow six or battlefield

  6. Hashim Alawneh

    Awesome! I like those OMG setups.. this way you can almost never run out of ideas!

  7. James

    wtf where do you live? it looks beautiful

  8. Arshad Siddiqui

    A game where you and your friends run around a ship trying to control it together would be fun.

  9. Abiaz Hossain

    so he basically went with kabuto and orochi there… no comment

  10. thebattlerocker

    bro… were you sponsored by Razer??? Your mouse, mouspad, headset, phone are all owned by Razer!!! Also i'm a Robin user so it's nice to see it finally apear in some videos!!

  11. Speccy

    Cani play with an acer vx 15?

  12. Ethan

    more like
    No Man, Why?…

  13. Ajay Gavde

    I have the exact laptop and it runs No Man's sky very poorly 😓

  14. mln

    Are you shooting this series from heaven?

  15. 二四4x

    i looove no man's sky so much.

    unfortunately, i game on a potato laptop.
    and i roughly get 10 – 20 fps ( on planet ) and 30 – 40 fps ( on the infinite space )

    my specs are..

    i7 2620M @2.7Ghz up to 3.2Ghz
    8 GB of ram
    Intel HD 3000 ( 64MB dedicated , 1600 GPU memory )
    1600 x 900 display
    320 GB storage.

    pls halp :/

  16. Rekamniar

    2019 is the year to rock this setup. Just need to add the VR for the future free update

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