One year With S22 Ultra: Hopes for S23 Ultra!

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It’s already been a year with the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the device has had its highs and lows. I cover my experience with the device and what I expect to see from the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the coming weeks
Galaxy S22 Ultra:

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  1. worst thing like the s21 ultra was the shutter lag, i really struggled to take a picture of my daughter indoors in lower lighting. even my wifes iphone 12 pro max did better pictures in these circumstances.

  2. buster colin

    I'm annoyed that they still won't go with higher charging speeds. Forget about the note 7 already and look what others are doing and are having no problems.

  3. bad65dad

    Well on store already selling the S23 ultra in a different country a few customers are posting on Twitter. The night mode and zoom blows all phones away with the best detail on any smart phone.

  4. flawedhypothesis

    I feel you. But I still think Samsung has been selling us less and less phone for more and more money since the S10 series. The speakers on the newer models are not impressive, the expandable storage is gone, the RAM is reduced. They even tried selling us a plastic S21 at premium price. Android wise, my sights and hopes are on the Pixel line.

  5. SunsetNova

    Interested in the S23 mainly due to positive reviews of the SD Gen 2 SOC. Here in Europe we've been stuck with mediocre Exynos so looking forward to the change

  6. Hussain Mithi

    I thought that was 100°C on the OnePlus 10T and went "what the fuck"

  7. Another good video mate, its great that finally we are getting Snapdragon here in Europe too, but seriously i cant understand why Samsung choose to be so behind the competition when it comes to fast charging…

  8. Instrugramm

    Seems like I'll have to stick to my Note 10 lite until it dies… the Note series (S2x Ultra) has become an ongoing disappointment. It used to have all the tech (IR blaster, heart rate sensor, expandable storage, Aux connector etc.), but now it's caught in a constant spiral of more cost for less content and people seem to just accept this.

  9. Danuka

    I like to see 3d sonic max finger print like vivo flagships

  10. Waiting for 14ProMax vs S23 ultra fun battle E!!🔥💥

    Try to cover S23+ vs iPhone 14 pro too 🔥

  11. Kirstein Therese

    This is very insightful, I'm still on the fence about upgrading from my s10…

  12. hi bro 😅can u send me the carbon fibre case like your's we dont have here in morocco

  13. Ian Dickson

    Picked up an S22 Ultra for my wife in November/December and she's still playing with all the settings.

    Me..for now, have my Fold 3. I like my Fold. I really do. But it's starting to show it's age more so than a standard slab phone. Have to look into my carrier's insurance to get it replaced. Maybe I'll get a refurb fold 4 and trade it in against an S23 Ultra.

  14. Alfred Yeboah

    A big fun of your technical review videos, and Yes, reserving the s23 ultra

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