You are currently viewing OnePlus 5 Review – Is This The Best $500 Phone?

OnePlus 5 Review – Is This The Best $500 Phone?

OnePlus 5 Skins –
Weird Hour Glass –

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  1. Dave2D

    Giving one away on Twitter this week. Follow me there!
    I don't do phone videos often – Hope you guys enjoy watching this one! Thanks for the support 2D fam =)

  2. Jimmy Freeman

    Now that the Essential phone is $499 would you compare these two?

  3. Mike

    What headphones are those?

  4. Josh P

    I specifically bought the 3t for the finger print sensor on the FRONT. I hate having to pick the phone up to unlock when it is on a desk.

  5. Kevin Solis

    Hello Sir Dave Lee, do you think that last years phones are still good for 2017? For example the Huawei P9 Plus with its Kirin 950 processor you think it still worthy purchase?

  6. Ashik Haydar

    I like your video.. the. Why you take and explain.. would like to know more about you…

  7. xPredator

    Bet everyone who commented “just ordered it” is regretting it after the release of the 5T (which I just ordered) 😂

  8. He Alan

    Lol the front looks like a huawei p10

  9. Malcolm Collins

    Might look into this line, but for now, my pixel is still rocking

  10. Alexander

    Just got it on ebay for $330 i have high hopes!

  11. Akeno

    It cost 700$ in my country

  12. Ben John

    Do you still have oneplus 5? Please give it to me. I have no phone😢

  13. Maxim P

    Don't know about others, but I but only used phones, this week bought OnePlus 6 with no signs of use for 150€. I don't need the best of the best at the moment they come out. But I do like having them few years after, for much less money.

    My OnePlus One lasted about 5 years, too, and if I didn't brake the screen, maybe I would've still use that. I'm pretty sure that if manufacturers sold new original batteries to their old devices forever – really soon they would've had no one to buy new phones (especially when people in poorer countries will have access to decent phones, or phones at all).

    And this is what sucks very much about capitalism (and or about this current socio-economic system – more often than not humans produce new stuff, not because it's needed, but because it's necessary for the system to keep going. We are moving towards a cliff, but in a way we don't have choice to do otherwise (unless it becomes really widespread the understanding that this competition based consumption based "economic" system, to put it simply – sucks. And most people today kind of assume that "capitalist/competition based system is good for us").

    And I'm not advocating for "communism". And especially not Soviet Union kind of "communism". I advocate just for a more intelligent, sustainable socio-economic system. Ideas like described in say Social Ecology (by Murray Bookchin), anarcho-communism (not authoritarian, decentralized organization, very important, Peter Kropotkin is a good author on this), The Zeitgeist films by Peter Joseph, The Venus Project by Jacque Fresco, etc.

    In an actually intelligent system, we would produce devices that are upgradable almost indefinitely, and the users can just replace batteries, screens etc, if they need them. And batteries and such would be more or less standardized and new original batteries available for decades (and produced on demand even). And so on and so forth. The ways we could improve what and how wea are doing things today are infinite.

    And intrinsic and planned obsolescences wouldn't even exist in devices, objects we create. Unlike it is today, because companies need for their products to break or become obsolete in few years, otherwise, if stuff don't break, the profits will start going down, and that's not good (not in a perpetual cyclic consumption "economic" system that is…).

    Good luck. To us all.

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