OnePlus 5T – Bigger IS Better!

Before my One Plus 5T review, here are my impressions of it. OnePlus upgraded their best android phone with a larger screen, new camera and updated security features.

Colorful Notebooks –

OnePlus is looking to join the large screen to body ratio market with their new OnePlus 5T. OnePlus decided to shake things up a little and changed their cameras to a 16 MP main camera and a 20 MP secondary for enhanced low-light photography. Unlocking your phone will be super fast with their fingerprint sensor and face unlock. The OnePlus 5T is one of the best phones for it’s price range competing against the S8, LG V30, Essential PH-1, Pixel 2 XL and the iPhone X.

Music Credits: Fili – Pressing Forward

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  1. Dave2D

    The OP5T looks and feels super premium for the $500. Anyone thinking of picking one up? Thanks for watching!

  2. naveen nivas

    When OP6 releases will it be more worth than OP5T by specs price and more?

  3. GurguitGud

    I just noticed this, but Dave have some buff arms

  4. I don't know why anyone would actually like 16:9. It is a compromise in every scenario. I am glad that ultra wide monitors for gaming , 2:3 small form laptops and tall phones are becoming a thing.

  5. kofi

    Watching this on the one plus 5t

  6. Yogic Space

    I agree with you Dave , having a finger print scanner on rear!!👍


    s8 plus or One plus 5T ..which one is better pls do a comparison video…


    For phone cases, I like to go with Spigen. They make the best looking cases that minimize the ugliness of your phone.

  9. ORO 0147

    I got distracted by the music too much lol

  10. Udaysinh Patil

    If you are not sure about the things like battery life etc…dont make the video and save both of our time…..moron….we click on the watch video with expectaation…..

  11. Akb Super

    It is bst phne when it avlble 4 rs 25k !!

  12. Scott Chiste

    Don't get the silicone case… I have extreme wear on mine after 6 months

  13. Will

    meizu 15 is 16:9 and their flagship meizu 16 will be 16 by 9 as well

  14. Niko

    Where the full review thoo

  15. Sajet

    With the latest OS, features modern phones have taken away, light weight and no ridiclous glass back is the best budget phone for 2019

  16. Gokul C Babu

    Phone is still buttery smooth even in 2020. A week ago got android 10 update aswell. Never had any problems till now. How cool is that??
    One plus is awesome.
    Waiting for Oneplus 8 pro to go on sale in India for an upgrade after almost 3 years. Meanwhile 5t will serve my sister for another 3 years probably..😆😆

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