Only Rookie PC Builders Do This 不


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  1. @Xibyth

    Trash bags for all the sata cables you get. Word has it they comprise 20% of the crust of the earth.

  2. @Duck_side

    Newsflash, this isn't legal.
    You may as well just pirate it and save an extra $30

  3. @Bigslam1993

    No. I don't trust those keys to not be used. The only way I buy Windows is from a store, with a physical installation medium AND a key.

    I spend those 100 Extra so I have the ability to physically go to a place to complain if the key doesn't work, or of the USB key is fucked. 3rd party customer support can ignore emails, or worse tell me to shove it up my ass.

  4. @wr7ght467

    Or get it free with MASGRAVE and u can even get pro free

  5. @milescarter7803

    I pay 6, that 20 could be the difference between 1080p and 1200p gaming

  6. @dainiukas13

    if you buy a windows key for 5$, then all you need to do for the rest of your life is just to log in to windows with your account on new machine…

  7. @user-rf8gk7eq8p

    Windows, who gives their licenses right on their website for free meanwhile…

  8. @Bens_Jamming

    zach im confused. ive seen many videos of people simply downloading windows onto a ssd from one pc/laptop then taking that ssd and plugging it into another pc to download windows on it for completely free. what am i missing?

  9. @AtroGD

    Bro is charging 75 usd for a pcpp list that takes anyone compatent around 5 – 10 mins to create from a given budget and use case.

  10. @R0UGE122

    Or just buy a $10 windows 10 key and upgrade from there

  11. Or what you could do is download the iso file and load it onto a USB drive and install onto your pc

  12. My dudes, if you have a laptop you can use the same key in your new pc and it'll work, both of your devices will have windows activated

  13. Ever notice that these keys sites don't last long? I mean in that every time a new round of these videos is made, it's with a new site? I wonder why…hmmm…. not that legit mayhaps? To many people ending up with a used key that is still in use or in use by someone else first?

  14. @raxzyO

    No way people spend 70 bucks on stuff u can find on pc part picker and google

  15. @giakhanhvn2mc

    jokes on you i never bought anything from microsoft, i pirated them all

  16. @dougdennis3681

    GVG Mall is cheaper, and use TB20 for 20% off. Windows 10 Pro is $15, free upgrade to 11 Pro.

  17. @wuki-

    Reminder that he advertises shady antivirus companies without disclosing it as an ad.

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