Our Favorite Gaming PC is Getting EVEN BETTER!

We had wondered when we would finally start seeing some prebuilt gaming PC’s with Intel Arc GPU’s and HP did not disappoint! This system costs around $600 and features the Arc A380 and a 12th gen Intel i5. It should be pretty decent but let’s find out!

HP Victus 15L Arc A380

Other HP Victus Gaming PCs

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  1. Earthops

    Just build a PC. I would rather help someone build a PC then have them buy this.

  2. Victus’s design is horrible at best. I was playing a game and the top of the case became almost too hot to touch. The fans were making a lot of noise. It had an i7-12700 and a RTX-3060 12GG GDDR5. The IO is soldered to the motherboard. The CPU thermal throttled 60 or so seconds into rendering videos. The only solution was to buy a new case, motherboard, power supply, etc. The HP power supply doesn’t even have a 24 pin connector, plus its an OEM unit. The tiny case is flimsy and has no room adequate ventilation or improvements. I built a new computer with the CPU and GPU, the rest is E-waste.

  3. Emanuel Perez

    I got a ryzen 7 5700g and a 3060 hp pavilion in eBay used BUY USED but check certification of returns though

  4. From my experience HP lies about the power supply when I confronted them about it the canceled my warranty plus the thing BSODs all the time or black screen restarts please go look at Gamer Nexus review and avoid this PC like the plague

  5. Jacob VanStraten

    The fact that you can get an Xbox series s for 250. Definitely makes you think about cost efficiency.

  6. Harry

    Should I get the arc a380 I have a rx 580 4gb at the moment cpu is the i7 6700

  7. Shadows Within

    I'm really hopeful for the future of Intel's cards, this is their first try and it's actually not bad with continued driver updates. I'm tired of Nvidia's bull crap, and while AMD are somewhat better another competitor in the gpu market, couldn't hurt at all. I'm watching Intel closely and I think, my next card will certainly not be Nvidia, as good as their cards are. How they treat board partners, rip EVGA graphics cards and their wonderful customer service. Their price hike at a time which for most people, is not a great time. post pandemic, war in Ukraine, threat of possible global war, looming recession, high inflation and many people struggling to get the basics. It was a bad move for Nvidia but they have a history, of making some really poor decisions. And I think they have gotten too comfortable, believing customers will put up and shut up. So if Intel with their next cards, Alchemist and I forget the other one. Can really improve on the Arc and keep pushing, I think gaming could start to do better for hardware particularly graphics cards.

  8. ThaArsonist

    Don't waste your money on this trash. You can build a pc for half the price that will out preform it.

  9. Corvus Cecidit

    Can you try the esports pro version of this pc? I am looking to buy one but I'm willing to spend the extra money if I could get better performance with the esports pro version

  10. R K

    no going to lie low key love that case, i want to buy the arc cards because we need more competition i think i would probably still go 1660 super version but its a good rig for the money. Okay if your watching from the UK bad news just checked the same rig with 8gm of ram is 749 pounds or about 800 US dollars suffice to say this is no way a good deal an you would be better building yourself or even going with AWD, Punch Technology or even Scan pre built.

  11. yall really censored the FPS at the beginning of the video? How desperate and petty can you be?

  12. OLD_CAT

    Hello am having hp Compaq tower I upgrade to 20gb ram, gpu gtx 1070 Asus but am having a slow network and good speed test

  13. Pizza Magee

    Im really liking the intel gpus we need mor competition to drive down prices i think the A750 is one of the best buys right now and am planning a mini itx build using one.

  14. Beisepimp

    I wonder if Resize-bar was enable or not in these benchmarks. It makes also a big difference. 🙂
    I've tested the A380 in newer games and a lot of the times it takes more than the 6GB of Vram.

  15. Ove Malmström

    Nice to se some pre builds with Arc starting to surface! The platform needs it. And okej performance for the price to!

  16. Some One

    3:28 "dual channel ram which is absolutely amazing". Or necessary. Amazing, or at least a pleasant surprise, would have been 4 dimm slots.

  17. Br33zeKooL

    I haven't seen an internal that ugly in years.

  18. Pear Electronics

    as long as there is no proprietary crap that prebuilt would be passable

  19. Kissamies

    Damn that card has got some boost with driver updates.

  20. yukiskyhawk101

    take it I missed something from you guys. was told to reply to a discord # tag through your discord?

  21. That Guy

    I have a rig with a 12400 and A380. Latest drivers, ARC Control, RB enabled, all the good stuff. I tried Cyberpunk 2077 at 1080p, High settings. (Which uses XeSS by default.) Barely broke above 30 FPS. Something's off, here.

  22. tony merasty

    recently i booted up a hp pavilion from 2009 it was sittin dusty for a loong time now its loaded with win 10 lol

  23. Dark King Astos

    That little machine would also make for a great little editing machine as well with the 12400 and av1 encoding

  24. Alan Eichsteadt

    David spade and Seth rogen started a pc company and STILL nobody is talking about it

  25. Whiskers

    So to any poor soul, that still considers buying pre-builds from HP, Dell, and such brands. Firstly: I feel sorry for you and please read, do consider, that this channel has to make money, and abide by some agreements with their suppliers on what they can say and not.

    1. regardless of the pricing seeming low (even if 600 ain't that low) the price is still inflated when you compare the price of the actual parts.
    2. your REAL expendability comes from being able to upgrade the CPU to something better of the 12th gen, and if you're lucky 13th gen, depending on mobo support, meaning that it offers the same cpu upgradeability as everything else, same with the GPU, well, depending, you will have to check that PSU, because it might need a swap, but also, judging from the lack of many features on that mobo, more demanding CPU's might not function properly, due to low power delivery and or absent cooling over the power delivery parts.
    3. The case, is literally what alienware / dell does, takes a case from 1900's and puts either plastic over it or paint to make it look more nice, but doesn't change the fact, it's a case from 1900's.
    4. If you want to change motherboard to get a better cpu, or jump over to AMD, you WILL HAVE TO change THE WHOLE CASE.
    5. Also, airflow on the case, it's horrible, for the love of god, if you have more power hungry parts, make sure to either have some magical unicorns helping you cool your parts, or have a fire extinguisher ready.
    6. Not only does that mobo look it's from the stoneage, everything about it seems lacking severely, in everything.

    So while yes, if you don't know any better, this pc is amazing, but if you are an average user, do stay away from it like the plague, I hope this helps some poor unfortunate souls to avoid this crap. Though personally, I wonder if its Legacy bios, or they magiked some UEFI bios in there, but judging from the MOBO, that seems not a standard form factor, that you will be dissapointed.

  26. Clawson12g

    There's a 500W PSU option for it also. What do you think you could upgrade the gpu to with the 500W?

  27. MultimediaJay

    Pfft. HP. 20 years of proprietary crap… but when my proprietary crappy HP died it got me into hardware… 🙂

  28. RandomPlayz

    Thank you so much for doing this video! I own this pc and just wanted to see what you guys thought of it and if it was a good buy.

  29. Teksers

    Still waiting for the day HP will actually put a 500W 80+ Gold PSU in these PC's and actually give us 2x 6+2pin PCIE power cables.

  30. James Smith

    OEM junk! Good in putting a decent video card or upgrading the cpu due to the complete lack of bios support. There are HP owners who can't upgrade their Ryzen 3600 to 5000 series cpu's simply because HP wants to sell you a new pc!

  31. groove269

    Would this beat out the RX6400 it comes with?


    Not bad. Question is could you build an equivalent or better PC yourself for the same price?

  33. Matt McBride

    I rather buy a PS5 instead of that could you can go 120fps on ps5 at 1440 for $500

  34. Fox Boi

    Intel gpus are becoming more and more consumer attractive these days.

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