Our first Titanium Islander – The Sands Point

Introducing our first Titanium Islander, the Sands Point. Weighing in at a mere 108 grams, you might just forget you are wearing it.


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  1. Well done Ryan. I'm not sure about the sandblasted finish, and I need the date. Is the crown and crown tube made from titanium? We know titanium does not stand up to threading.

  2. fishlanding

    I'd be interested if it were quartz, had numerals at 3, 6, 9 & had a brighter sweep hand or sweep tip….

  3. Amomentarygenius

    The fully lumed dial is steals the show. The whole lineup is an awesome addition to the Islander. Definitely consideronf adding one of these to my collection, but only after I figure out which Squale I want.

  4. OVR LRD

    Wow grand slam for Ryan on these designs!! I usually wear a smaller diver but those skx dimensions have my wrist screaming at me to buy one the only problem is which one ‘cuz they’re all outstanding!!!

  5. Big Al

    Love them all. Only thing I think might be cool on the green one if the islander logo was yellow to match the text underneath.
    I can't decide which one I want to get.

  6. Impasta

    Now do a Titanium coated Black DLC 🤘🏻

  7. joseph burtulato

    Beyond amazing watches!!!! Will your Islander apparel ever be available?

  8. Z H

    oh my… I LIKE that full lume white version and I LOVE that you went with a no date NH38 excellent job Marc and Ryan!

  9. Anthony

    Mark, have you seen the 'Isotope' watches logo?

  10. Unknown Rider

    Fantastic lookers! Can't wait for the date version. We're not gonna have to wait for a date version, are we?

  11. Matthew Snape

    These do look great! Great job Ryan! Normally a black dial guy, but that white one is seriously tempting too… In fact they all are…

  12. MichaelG1986

    Wow. Those are really cool. I'd have a tough time choosing between the black dial and the blue. I'm usually pretty conservative as regards watches – usually black or silver dials, but that blue does look fantastic. I love titanium watches – one of my favorites in my collection is a Breitling Aerospace. These look like a home run for you guys.

  13. Will Diffee

    This is my favorite islander release that I’ve seen thus far! The titanium case, cut rubber strap formed to the case, the deployant clasp, and especially the textured dials. I am in love with the all white look.

    Only minor gripe is that the case is a tad thick. I have no idea if it’s even possible to make these thinner and maintain the price point.

    Would it be possible to get other color straps in addition to the matching strap? I would love to see a baby blue strap with the white dial and bezel.

  14. Kevin Stay

    I got my first and only watch in 30+ years (simply never had the need or desire until now) and do not know if I will buy more/start collecting a bit, but if I do the white one – zowie. (First was an ISL-129 w/brac38 and I really like it a lot so far)

  15. Jean Lefranc

    Man, I’ve said it before. A smart watch enthusiast could live a very happy life only buying Islander watches.

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