P20 Pro – Baited by the “Best” Camera

The Huawei P20 Pro has the best camera based on DXO mark scores. It’s the best smartphone we’ve seen from Huawei but that score doesn’t tell the full story.
P20 Pro – https://amzn.to/2rllmfX
Phone Skins – http://bitly.com/1MovGDv

MKBHD’s DxO Mark vid – https://youtu.be/PgeJ0XYuI2E

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  1. Dave2D

    P20 pro shoots ULTRA clean light photos but that camera destroys skin. Thanks for watching!

  2. Hourani

    Something very strange about this review. The beauty mode he keeps talking about is only on the front facing camera, and not the main cameras, yet he's making it out like it's the main camera. Also, every one and their dog praises the Huawei p20pro as being the best camera hands down , except for this guy. Very fishy indeed. Every reviewed raves about the twilight colour. He calls it obnoxious. Definitely paid to talk down this phone.

  3. JNR- K9

    I have had this phone a few days now and all the things people complain about, the sound quality… And the operating system, I actually love! The camera however during day time photos is wayyyyyy to over sharpened… I actually feel like my old s7 edge took better photos at some points… However it occasionally pulls a stunning photo out the bag, anything close up and the camera is insane! Battery life is solid with heavy use I usually end up with around 30%

  4. O E

    Sounds to me this guys doesn't like a single product… been watching videos it all about just dislike or something missing is nothing positive

  5. K Kobayashi

    And DxoMark seems to be sponsored by some phone manufacturers.

  6. arjun samuel

    Hello Dave, if you’re buying this phone coz it’s got a great battery alone how is the rest of the phone?

  7. Luca Tilenni

    Did you try disabling the "AI" of the Camera settings about the loss of details on skin? Maybe it's an "AI" problem?

  8. 27squall

    Pls compare this to Xperia xz2 premium (dual Lens, 51200 ISO)!

  9. Thorsten Glaub

    looks like the camera settings about skin colors follow up the chinese mainland taste. To be brown is not in fashion, skin must be white and smooth, thats what all chinese producer do, like Oppo and Vivo. but usually can put on and off that kind of "beauty mode"

  10. Vault-Boy Dan

    That kid has a very cool dad, I wouldn't be surprised if he starts his own tech channel one day :D.

  11. Ho Homer

    Great video, captures what is realistic. Yes the twilight is featured as fantastic in many videos but honestly, it does look a bit glaring even with 10 seconds of looking at it. Many baits out there for the wrong stuff , smartphone are something you use everyday, not once in a blue moon. Great points about skin and daylight photos, though it wasn't all that obvious in your video.

  12. Average Guy

    Dave, thanks for the honest, straightforward review.


    if you want natural color tone of you skin than why filters exists ? millions of peoples use filter in order to white their skin or make it clear i think huawei did great job here this camera is best and outstanding in smart phone industry,

  14. Not Ok OK?

    Is the beauty features only appear on front camera?

  15. ken r

    sony xz2 premium was the best for low light photography.

  16. HappyEmigrant

    Rumours say that this phone destroyed your child's face…:O

  17. Uncle Marwee

    The beauty mode reminds me of make-up for the deceased.

  18. Maceo MacFarland

    i wanted the p20 pro because of the camera. I ended up with the s9 plus and I'm impressed. I'm not a phone guy but this phones is the best piece of tech i've ever had.

  19. Hōōin Kyōma

    I totally love my P20 PRO (I have it for 2 weeks now) but he is totally right.

    Anyways, i LOVE the vivid colors of the pictures (Amazing) and the night mode seems MAGIC.

  20. Aakash Babu

    hey, thanks for your videos.. can i know which watch are you wearing?? it looks pretty cool…

  21. Richard Li

    Is that your son's laptop? Dam he has a better one than me.

  22. Pavel Levin

    Не лучшая там камера. Факт. Пруфы в google.

  23. Siew San Lim

    I luv the twilight colour thou, got the phone because of that … and the camera. It's just a matter of taste 🙂 black phones are boring 🙂

  24. Pretty average reviewer imo. First video I'm watching of yours and you seem to find everything to knock but nothing to compliment. It has been tested and shown how the camera comes out clearer and less pixelated than its competitors, yet you say it has no advantage over the others. You don't comment on the zoom options without losing any quality, all the extra features like light trails, long exposure shots, timelapse, how the battery life is longer than its competitors and so on. Poor review.

  25. Y K D

    2:05 Phone just increases shutter time (time to take photo), you can do it manually on most camera app just increase shutter speed to 2 or 4 sec. So phone camera collects light for that time period continuously and make photo of it, means if there is low light the more time you give camera to capture light more brighter the photos will be in low light. It is very very good feature but not something new or unusual, they are just giving it different name.

  26. Parham Bahrami

    Yes you are right. People in Asia really care about having a smooth face in their photos and they don't want anyone to see the pinpils on their face. (I live in Asia my self.)

  27. Greeenwaters

    I don't understand why reviewers like Dave Lee keep bashing the Chinese brands like huawei for foolish reasons. I get it.. You don't like the skin beautifying feature or the yellow tint nonsense. But you need to realize its just you. These aspects of camera i. e the color reproduction, sharpness, beauty etc are very subjective and shouldn't be used to declare a camera bad.
    If you people(paid reviewers) have guts compare this camera with your girlfriend i. e the pixel in real photography grounds like dynamic range, details, night time photography etc. and see the pixel get annihilated. But you won't do… Because you know that this large half inch 40mp sensor and unique 3x telephoto is ultimately a better camera combination than any of the other flagship phone's.
    Dxomark is like a dog to you people who 'shouldn't be taken seriously' as they are just as 'unrealistic' as benchmarks inspite of knowing that those people test the camera after taking thousands of photos, hours of videos and days of analysis and those people are real photographers.
    But the irony is that you deem the kirin 970 weak based on benchmarks but you know that huawei is one of the few companies to make both their own chipsets and software and the optimisation, app loading time, power draw etc. Is just better than most. Play a real game if you have guts.
    Nonsense idiots 😠😠😠🤬🤬🤬
    You you can't beat them, ban them

  28. D P

    A phone that changed OEMs enough to offer us gradients on phones and Dave just straight away called it obnoxious 😅

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