Panasonic S5 IIX Review: This Is The One

Panasonic Lumix S5 IIX is very similar to Panasonic Lumix S5 II, yet the functions this camera has is worth the extra $200 USD. Check it out here:

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🟡 Sony FE 50mm F1.2 GM – Studio, Talking Head
🟡 Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM II – My Review:
🟡 Sony FE PZ 16-35mm F4 G – My Review:
🟡 Sony FE 20mm F1.8 G – Vlogging, Outside

🟤 Sony ECM-B10
🟤 Sennheiser MKH 50P48
🟤 DJI Mic – My Review:
🟤 Zoom F3
🟤 Sony ECM-B1M
🟤 Sony ECM-G1

⚪️ Aputure 300D II – Key Light
⚪️ Amaran P60x – Fill Light
⚪️ Amaran 100d – Hair Light
⚪️ Amaran P60x – Desk Light
⚪️ Amaran COB 60d – Desk Light
⚪️ Aputure MC RGBWW
⚪️ Aputure B7c
⚪️ Aputure MT Pro

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  1. GB Walther

    So why not a higher megapixel camera with this model–at least 33+, stacked sensor–if Panasonic really wants to demolish the Sony a7iv brand? What else does Panasoniic have up its sleeve? Will they release some super-camera models in the next couple of months with even better AF that will mean the end of Sony's playing-King of the Hill dominance? 😎😎

  2. Kris

    Boggles my mind how nobody is uploading HLG/HDR footage from this camera.

  3. I noticed at 2:45 you walking toward the camera, it wouldn't focus on you till you were up close. I think Sony or Canon would. Maybe they should've combined contrast & phase detect and have both when needed.

  4. RichMaza

    I will wait for the S1H Mark II which I would hope would have CF express cards so we can record internally rather than having to worry about an external source or drive. Give me the GH6 functionality but with actual good auto focus, the SD card skillet for me on this one.

  5. Wong Jian Ming

    The ronin integration is amazing, does this also work on the normal S5ii?

  6. Gearie NoXcuses

    They need to implement 120 at 4k. This is an absolute musty. 60p at 4k is ridiculous in this day and age. WHY NOT?!?! I would own 1 today if they had it.

  7. CRTY

    This might make me convert to lumix. The s5 is $900 used rn, and this s5iiX is a great upgrade path with the lenses you would pick up along the way… 😮

  8. Chuck Seay

    Great video! Thanks for sharing! Yeah, the DJI tracking plus, having auto-focus is a game changer! Got to have this, the 18mm, and the DJI since watching this great video! NOW, I got to talk to my boss/wife about raising our debt ceiling! I'm sure I'm heading for the dog house with this one but, "You gotta do, whatcha gotta do" even when it hurts! Hell, it always hurts!

  9. Brad Fogle

    A fantastic review! I was especially impressed with the DJI Ronin features that I was completely unaware of.

  10. xmeda

    "firmware update you can PURCHASE" ?? 😀 No, thanks, such camera company does not deserve any kind of interest.

  11. Charles Wren

    Sheesh. That AF performance looks poor for a 2023 camera. Really cool to see Panasonic following in Fuji's footsteps with the internal ProRes though. All video focused mirrorless cameras really need to incorporate this moving forwards. Would love to see internal ProRes come to Sony's FX lineup as a firmware update at some point.

  12. iSPIKE

    🛑 Dear Panasonic, add these new features into the next GH7 camera – then I can use all of my expensive m4/3 pro lenses = happy days 👍🏻

  13. Josh Kerr

    Camera companies from Japan can't name a camera to save their lives. Also I like the red hair / sunglasses combo of your partner.

  14. Samuel Stow

    Tracking the the rs3 mini! Wow That is amazing. Wish my a7IV could do that!

  15. Grace Smith

    Nice review! blackmagic cameras had these internally way long back. Camera manufacturers really need to innovate like what sony is doing now with the ZVE1

  16. DroseMr

    5.7k 60 prores raw external?Thank you

  17. thisisntachance

    ayv abi. tr'de sony a7 IV alıp para kazanayım diyorum. body+ lensler bile 100k üstüne atıyor. biz de anca video izliyoruz youtube'tan. ama senin videoların da bi başka be. zindan gibi makineymiş kapkara.

  18. DJ AM

    4 k Rolling shutter performance. ?

  19. SYN LFO

    some people moaning about paying the extra money for something you can get on a firmware update but are probably pretty happy paying out for a new iphone that does the same thing as 3 versions prior.

  20. owlmostdead

    Bought the non X just today, but probably going for the X model since being able to record to external SSD's is a HUGE benefit.

  21. Mr Boy

    is it just me or are all the review channels suffering from really bad footage with this camera?

  22. dpanch_89

    I really wish the live streaming function comes to the regular S5ii.

  23. glad i bought blackmagic cameras which records all great codecs internally so i wont have to upgrade every year , glad panasonic release a camera with internal prores❤,

  24. JSerenity

    That external USB recording is a game freaking changer

  25. _AC_

    It will work with a ronan mini?

  26. Sian

    AF still not as good as Sony's. A lot of clips in this video were blurry :/ other than that it's an epic camera! 😀 I just got my Sony ZV-E1!! I find it insane that I literally have cinema level image quality in this tiny body! didn't overheat on me yet (think it's because I don't record longer video's than 3min.. I always shoot in bursts.

  27. KM Wong

    Can you store everything including photos on the SSD?

  28. PhotoJoseph

    2013… man, did you steal my time machine?! haha Also, I keep seeing these Nisi filters… damnit I don't need more ND filters!! Or, do I?? And… I'm SO GLAD you covered the Ronin stuff! I haven't played with that and I have all the hardware!!

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