PC vs Console Gaming – So Which Is Better Today?

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So what’s the answer to the ultimate question: PC gaming vs console gaming? We delved deep into this topic and will now present our RESULTS with you!

0:00 Intro
0:36 Types of PCs and Consoles
0:46 PCs
1:33 Consoles
2:46 The Prices
5:08 Intro to Games
5:19 Games: Selection
5:49 Games: Acquisition
6:23 Games: Compatibility
7:25 Conclusion


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  1. Azizos

    Pc is the king but the only problem some games release late on pc and console exclusives are better and pc is the weakest ever community , games online die very fast unless fortnite and pubg and youtubers are more on consoles for exemple when i type game name on search like" hitman gameplay " it only shows me console gameplays and i dont want that :/

  2. Son of Odin

    You can also mod games on PC without getting in trouble and no not modding online obviously

  3. Pumpydumpy

    700$- 1000$ PCs are the bestest option for 120+ FPS on high settings in pretty much every Game.

  4. Cereal Killer

    The ONLY REASON that you should buy Ps4 or Nitendo is the exclusives games like last of us and smash bros

  5. VeronaKate

    Reason I prefer Pc over game consoles is because freedom . You have very limited freedom to use what you paid for the way you want with the money you earn working . So freedom is everything . Long as you can afford it that is . I like my console commands and the ability to modify files as i see fit . I also Love being able to modify my Pc with every new tech upgrade wiithout losing the value of my console . I am sorry to say it but How long was it that pc out performed the so called next generation consoles ? Not long and Still my Pc was far superior than the ps4 pro and xbox one series just short months after those released . Freedom as I said . It is only better if you can afford it but Overall Consoles are better for people with lower bugets and want a good time . >.>
    Only one reason I buy consoles . For the Exclusives but most the time Conoles end up being a paper weight on my self . My ps4 pro and xbox one have sat there for 2 years doing nothing where the pc is used 95% of the time within like 8 years and its tech extending its life for another extra 4 years making it overall better . Consoles to get better you need to wait for them to release a new console which will be beat within the next few months by pc tech and within a year if you can afford it you already have better than the consoles .

    Pc Is self reliant and self effort.
    Consoles are for the ones that want everything done for them without the effort of really doing it your self . Or just save money which is what most people prefer . I like to spare no expense when it comes to tech .
    Effort is everything .
    Work is everything .
    People that say otherwise are just fans but Both really have their pros and cons . Though I also Do not like paying for a sub on consoles just to play with my friends online . Sorry but I like to play 90% of my games that i buy with friends online without a frailing paywall blocking me out for not paying ps plus or live pass . State of decay 2 and sea of thieves you need a sub on the consoles . However pc you can just log in and play . That there is just lack of freedom on the product you own which to me is form of extortion .
    Do not pay this you cannot play online . Thats messed up .

  6. Ctrm to 0.01

    True 😂 my pc 4000$ my monitor was 530$ my keyboard 140$ my mouse 130$ my headset about 150$ my pc desk 600$ but I’m a happy son of a bitch and I’ll be buying the Xbox series x since I’m a big fan of Xbox as well but screw ps4ps5 their controller suck ass

  7. Mom fluck

    I always go to gaming scan for every topic like this. Because they make it short,simple, and very easy to understand.

  8. Sree Hari P M

    Noobs play on casual consoles

    Legends play on PS/Xbox

    Ultra legends play on PCs

    Ultra legend max pros play CoC on androids!

  9. yeetice

    "with consoles, we have a much bigger variety"

  10. 99iner

    'Cost effective on the long run'? Are you sure you're accurate?

  11. joe Ridenour

    pc will always be on top. LONG LIVE PCMR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I Am the Great

    Console if you're just gaming for fun, PC if you're a hardcore gamer and really care about all the nitty-gritty details like the FPS, Refresh Rate, Resolution, high GPU benchmarks, more memory and storage, etc.

  13. Anthony Lewis

    You forgot to add in the Wi-Fi cost the hotspot cost and if the power goes out and you download it you can't get it back and you didn't save it or keep it backed up cost because I would like them to no longer have to depend on Wi-Fi hotspot an internet then the gamer could have less to shed out of pocket for the cost and don't forget paying for extra things in video games that course like if you download a character item or person it costs money to do that just saying

  14. MrFusiongod

    Been on consoles since 90’s but will get gaming pc in future so I can play both

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