PeakDo Wireless Handheld Review — Superb Streaming (with Caveats)

The new PeakDo Wireless Streaming Handheld uses some interesting 60GHz mm Wave technology to stream any HDMI signal to …


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  1. Girvo

    "mm-Wave" means "millimeter wave" haha 🙂 Thats what the "mm" is. 60Ghz's frequency is about 5 millimeters. For me, I can't see any benefit this has over my Retroid Pocket 3+ with Moonlight/Steam Link

  2. BluesmanUK

    The mm-wave technology seems to have consistently been shown as being very restrictive in use and if PeakDo are suppling their standard transmitter then it shows that they have not advanced the technology, which begs the question of whether it is unsuitable unless under the restrictive conditions that you yourself showed. Whilst the joy cons are useful in terms of swapping about, the lack of analogue triggers will always be a killer for me. I don't mind fiddly setup as long as it works when a process is complete.

  3. Gordon Buch

    This Device shouldn't exist. An empty and lifeless Terminal that's total BS. The Concept alone… Yeah, those fancy streaming devices that roast your Brain at 60 GHz. Nice! Reminds me of the Wireless Adapters we needed to use on some Anbernics. Hilarious. Thanks Russ for saving us a lot of money we can now spend on real, working devices.

  4. Lcwkee

    lmao fk no, the biggest waste of money ever

  5. nicholas

    I couldn’t imagine a device that is more useless

  6. M. Grande

    Line of site communication..
    Wiiu enters the room

  7. J B

    I love devices that use a dongle, I always feel like they work better and more seamlessly. This is a great concept and would be interesting to see how difficult it would be to just add this tech to something like a steam deck. The price is too high though, shouldn't be more than $150 or so.

  8. Retro Handhelds

    The technology is super impressive! …but still not as good as cookies.

  9. Ghost Matter

    I'd suggest using "Unified Remote" to control your computer remotely.

    I've found it much easier than the physical remote mice and keyboards that I've used before. I can type as in in my other phone applications and can use the mouse pretty easily.

    I've also added a series of shortcuts in my Android notification bar so I can launch applications or shortcut (like the Win key) easily. I use it to switch resolutions and start Playnite fullscreen.

  10. Rensho

    A cool concept that seems a bit too early to market. That said, you always need someone to be the first and the early adopters. This is incredibly niche, but for those few people it applies to, it will probably be a pretty cool experience. Hopefully in a few generations the price and some of the usability wonkiness is able to be made more reasonable.

    Also as an aside, big thumbs up to Brook products. They have been a pillar of the fighting game community for over a decade now. Adapters make tournaments possible with everyone having different weird fight sticks that all need compatibility, and their custom PCBs are the backbone of nearly every custom fightstick out there. I have a couple myself and love them. Nothing but good things to say about Brook

  11. Pete Marsden

    There is nothing here that a lot of current gaming handhelds can provide. My Steamdeck & Odin pro do a fantastic job streaming from my xbox one, Ps4 or gaming pc 3 rooms away and a floor above yet give me the ability to play installed games & emulators on the move. Nothing this provides justifies it and especially not if it costs 150 more than more useful handhelds. Add in the quirky way the joycons connect & work and random blackouts if you tilt the device away from the line of sight even in the same room? This is an awful concept.

  12. Millyawns

    I deadass thought this was a Switch with Binbok joycons.

  13. Ralph McMahan

    watched another reviewer, he hated it
    then again, he seemed to be confused as to what 'line of sight' means

  14. Primal Convoy

    Lol, you lost me at the price. Even the lowest offering is a f*cking JOKE. This is DOA.

  15. AcidicThought

    I just got the Brook Wingman XB 2 to use on my 360 because I've been playing some non backwards-compatible games (NFS Series mostly) and all of my 360 controllers are messed up in some way, shape, or form. Using a Series X controller on a 360 is kind of magical. Also tested it with a Switch Pro controller and it also worked great. The v2 model is the way to go because you can use bluetooth Xbox controller wirelessly.

  16. Qu

    So let me get this straight. It costs the same as a 256 GB Steam Deck but requires you to be facing the console / PC you're streaming from, can't be very far away, and can't angle the device at all without getting periodic signal loss. Who is this made for, exactly? I think the use case for this device is a little too specific.

  17. scott boehmer

    The price on this is crazy based on what this is and the limitations on how it can be used. It might be okay if it didn't need a direct line of sight to work at all, but that and the high price tag really kills this.

  18. ChB S

    Will pass on this one as that's a stay at home type of device which I'm not in that specific niche. Unless of course I'm hauling a 300watt powerstation which I likely won't do.

  19. Hiker Clarence

    This is possibly the stupidest piece of tech I've seen since the Juicero. Nothing about this was thought through. Why does it use joycon connectors when the people who own or buy joycon already have a Switch? Why is it not guaranteed to come with a touchscreen when a touchscreen is required to navigate when connected to a PC? Why is it presented as a solution to remote play when you have to be in your living room directly in front of your tv with the device pointed directly at your console? Why does it require an HDMI and wireless dongle connection when setting it up is a deliberate amount of work considering the console or device you are streaming from is likely connected to your tv already? Why is it a portable handheld with a carrying case when you need to also carry your console or pc with you? Why would you lug this whole setup when you could just bring a portable monitor and a controller for much less money (or better yet, a portable game system)? Why would wireless HDMI be better than wired when you have to strain your shoulders keeping the damn thing pointed straight at the adapter at all times? And why do people keep throwing away their paychecks to support Kickstarter junk like this when it's clear as day that it's just e-waste in the making? Why why why why why why why?

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