Performance vs. Aesthetics (for a Gaming PC)


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  1. O3_O2

    idk about you guys, but i dont stare at my pc “several hours a day”

  2. Z-DblU

    I never ever ever stare at my PC for hours. I stare at the screen. My PC is actually behind my wall in a cubby area of un-walkable space due to the A frame style of the house. If I could get a case for my PC that looks like a cardboard box but more durable than cardboard I'd do it.

    Aesthetics just tells me you care about the color more than the performance.

  3. Z-DblU

    Literally nobody agrees with this dude 🤣

  4. Ethyreal_YT

    You see me personally I look at my monitor for hours a day not my actual pc

  5. Purp

    I don't know about you man but I didn't buy my PC so I could stare at it

  6. g6qwerty

    My computer is a nice black box sitting on my desk it makes me happy that its not all gaudy. Also why would I be looking at my PC? i'm looking at the monitors for hours a day.

  7. Broxalax

    Who looks at their pc? I stare at my screen… you know, the part of the set up with the interesting things going on.

  8. Heisen

    an extra $50 can give me more storage, or a better PSU, or even a better GPU.

  9. Sean Kaelan

    My pc is itx and tiny asf. It’s all black. Once you get past that initial period of wow great looking computer you care about functionality.
    I used to have some amazing looking computers but I stopped caring honestly


    bro im bout to get blue ram to fit with my brown nh d15
    in the name of performamce of course, not like im trying to make my pc look weird

  11. marvlous lie

    I don't give a shit about aesthetics. As long as I can run games at a high enough framerate and a good resolution (1080 or 1440), I'm good. I have my PC set down on the floor, not on my desk.

  12. RaniuszekPL

    I unsubscribed for telling that looks > performance

  13. quchanyay

    Me custom building a waifu pc💀💀💀

  14. durmiss

    He meant a sleeper build, it would be a dream pc for me.

  15. Keiton

    My pc sits on an elevated ledge below my desk. I don't see it, nor would I justify spending more for RGB specific components. If they're the same price, sure, but not for more.

  16. Disagree. I'd rather have a decent case on the smaller side without glass and rgb with good components on the inside.

  17. Dude, no way. Performance over aesthetics all day long. A flashy PC is more likely to be stolen than something that looks like it's straight out of the early 90's.

  18. Douglett

    I think you can have your cake and eat it too if you’re willing to work a bit. Painting shrouds or covers and avoiding green pcbs can go a long way to just looking clean. A lot of psus come with black cables too which helps.

  19. Lynx K

    if it dosnt have dirt yellow "discolored white" casing with coffe and cigerat stains on it , it is not worthy enagh to serve the soviet peaple

  20. DarkShadowDwella

    My desk is so small I put my pc behind my monitor. This helps with cooling because the air isn't just hitting the wall

  21. HotNuns69

    who stairs at there PC like I'm tryna play the game not look at the fucking pc

  22. gamagama69

    ngl im using a case from 2012 honestly it's actually sleeper cuz like eoth 90s and early 2000s cases someone would be like obviously a sleeper

  23. Nothing Here

    My pc I’d ask black inside but that didn’t matter as it sites under my desk

  24. fitah

    I only stare at my monitor for hours. Only look at my pc when I'm turning it on or plugging something in

  25. I remember the times when pc units had no place on the desk and no one wanted them there… you’re not staring at the pc case dude… you’re doing it at the pc monitor…

  26. Mic Smith

    I've got a full sleeper build. It's a 2009 SFF CoolerMaster case with a 3070ti tiny. Warm and fast

  27. Sasuke Uchiha

    It could be his mom Or wife to deceive with its appearance!

  28. BlizzTheBike

    i’m gonna spend like $250 more in white parts.

    worth it tbh, it’s like a piece of art. Many of you kids don’t understand lol, but once you start growing up you soon realize what all these adult youtubers are referring to.

  29. ThatGuyMigz

    Rather than looking at my pc, I've gone as far as having my pc in a whole different room to decrease pc noises. Plus, my room doesn't heat up over time either. Health over Aesthetics!

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