Phoibos x Islander Eagle Ray Limited Edition Collab – The Compressor Style Diver you Need!

Featuring our second ever collaboration with Phoibos watches, a micro-brand that gets our admiration. . . come meet the Eagle Ray. This is a compressor style dive watch with a dial that you simply need to see! Limited to just 100 pieces in either the Aqua or Purple, we think you’ll agree this is a watch that deserves your attention.

Come see them:

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  1. @mdjelder

    Just took delivery on a purple one for Christmas. It's beautiful!

  2. @Morganlynch78

    What a cool idea to have one logo from each brand on the crowns. Great looking watches!

  3. I’m so glad I’m m married with kids a mortgage, otherwise I’d be buying almost every single release you do Marc. The video reviews really show them off, more than pics can.

  4. @stevev7402

    Had to order the purple dial. Love that dark purple and I have the last phoibos colab with the purple dial too

  5. The blue/'nearly turquoise' looks great, the other, 'blackcurrent juice', to go with the diving, liquid, theme.
    The name from φοῖβος, Greek for bright thing.

  6. @ricradoineds

    Those big crowns are very ergonomic! This Eagle Ray in PVD, especially the purple, woud be awasome! Best regards!

  7. @arphos8328

    I bought the purple instantly, I've been trying to paint a diverse range of color in my collection and the purple was a no-brainer.

  8. @Mike-In-O-Town

    The blue is cool but that purple is terrific. I have an Eagle Ray Compressor with their red sunburst dial and love it. Get a lot of questions and compliments about it when its on my wrist. And foolishly I thought I'd make it through this Christmas season without buying any more watches.

  9. @JasonCaringella

    Got the Purple dial right away, and I must say in hand it is even better looking. Love the double logo'd crowns and the dial pattern is unlike any other I have. Great collab👍

  10. @adk7962

    Another great collab. I really like that bracelet. Thanks!

  11. @speedyfreak9266

    Hey Marc! – really smart decision to collab with Phoibos – IMO they, like Island Watch, bring the most 'bang for the buck' of any microbrand – looking and feeling like watches 3+ times the price point. In some of the shots with the right light, the blue color matches your logo, but on the watch it seems to have so much depth! My guess is these watches look even better in the flesh than they appear on camera. The bracelets are sharp and remind me of Omega seamaster styling, but with a nice milled clasp. Well done!

  12. @monologic4806

    Beautiful watch, all of them. It's a good thing they are way to big for me

  13. @jason5174

    I really wanted that mechanical watch from the collaboration. Life just didn't allow it. I'm finally working after 2 hip replacements. Maybe next year

  14. @pghj100

    These are nice! I would say there are 2 big reasons for the slow sale of the blue jfk. 1) Blue is the most common color for watches so almost nobody who has a decent collection needs another blue watch. 2) The blue model is less versatile than the others. The gray and the white models can be worn with many outfits casual or dressy. The blue only really looks good with a suit or a blue shirt. It looks awesome in wrist shots, but when you see the full outfit, it rarely is complimentary.

  15. @ahha6304

    Morc, you are getting more awesome and awesome collabs these days, keep up the good work!

  16. Aw shit 2 dive goats coming together? Let me go get my wallet right quick.

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